Are Merrell Shoes Good? Key Benefits And Features

Merrell shoes are created for individuals who look for style, practicality, and durability in footwear. This brand that has existed for decades, started as a hiking shoe brand and have evolved to manufacturing boots and sandals.

Considering the brand’s Vibram sole that offers an exceptional level of grip on wet and dry surfaces, as well as the M-Select Dry technology that keeps water at bay, Merrell shoes are the best to wear on any occasion and season.

To make matters even better, they have a wide range of styles for both men and women.

There being many big names in the shoe industry nowadays, it is understandable that you may want to know if a certain shoe brand is as good as they say.

And that’s where this review comes in. are you wondering if Merrell shoes are good? Let’s find out.

are merrell shoes good

An Overview of Merrell Shoes

You have probably seen Merrell shoes around if you are a keen observer. This brand is a favorite to many people, especially those that love to indulge themselves in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

This brand was founded by three individuals; Randal Ivan who was in the private boot-making business, John Schweizer and Clark Matis, and two executives that were in the ski industry.

These three in 1981 decided to come up with Merrell which would later grow to be one of the biggest shoe companies in the world.

Due to Randy’s line of work and expertise, he brought in the craftsmanship of shoemaking. Schweizer leaned more to the business side of the company because of his connections.

John was left to handle the marketing of the products. Two years later, the effort of these three individuals bore the first product.

It was received with a lot of enthusiasm and the sales were quite high. Unfortunately, Mr. Randy sold his shares in 1986 and returned to his former line of work.

Later in 1987, Merrell was purchased by Karhu and production moved to Asia. For the many people who thought that this would affect the quality of shoes produced by the brand, they were left surprised.

In 1988, they made $4 million in sales which shot up to $10 million in 1990. The brand kept on soaring and in 1992, they recorded $22 million in sales.

The company grew and by the time it was bought by Wolverine World Wide in 1997, Merrell shoes were available in more than 22 countries. Fast forward to 2021, the company is estimated to have accumulated a revenue worth $2.25 billion.

This history shows you how successful and popular Merrell is as a shoe brand. And these millions of sales wouldn’t be made if their shoes weren’t any good.

Because of Merrell shoes’ popularity, their products are being made in both Asia and the US. And, they are available worldwide.

What’s So Good about Merrell Shoes?

  • They Run True to Size

Size is an important factor when buying a shoe. In the past, a couple of brands have been in the limelight for running small or big. However, Merrell’s are quite unique.

As long as you order the right size, it will fit you perfectly. From my research on Amazon reviews, 91% of the buyers have no issue with Merrell’s size. Only 9% complained about their shoes running bigger or smaller.

Compared to other brands, these figures are quite impressive. And knowing how uncomfortable a shoe can be when it’s smaller or bigger, Merrell have and continue doing a commendable job in manufacturing well-fitting shoes.

  • Feature M-Select Dry Technology

For a shoe company that has amassed years of experience, it should come as a surprise when they use innovative technology to ensure their customer’s feet remain dry always.

M-Select Dry technology is similar to Gore-Tex that is used on Salomon’s. This membrane, however, allows your feet to breathe while preventing water from going in.

With this feature, Merrell shoes can be worn at any time or place. It could be raining cats and dogs, and when you get home your entire body will be soaked with water except for your feet.

Please be informed that in some of their shoes, especially those designed for harsher conditions, Merrell uses the Gore-Tex membrane which is stronger.

  • Have Vibram Soles

If you know a thing or two about soles then you are familiar with the fact that Vibram is the best maker of soles in the world. Their popular Arctic Grip Sole offers unmatchable grip even in the toughest of terrains.

With such a sole on your shoe, you can conquer any terrain. Be it slippery or dry, you can comfortably walk knowing that you won’t fall easily.

  • Merrell Shoe Soles Feature Either Kinetic or M-Select Fit

To provide your feet with arch and heel support, Merrell footwear use soles that are Kinetic Fit. For those that prefer more cushioning, you can pick a pair with M-Select Fit.

  • The Brand Sticks to Breathable Materials

Merrell strives to achieve a balance between quality and breathability. This is why they use both natural and synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and leather.

These materials are incorporated with mesh linings to ensure breathability. If you decide to get a pair of Merrell shoes, you can forget about having sweaty feet and other disadvantages of wearing unbreathable fabrics.

  • All Their Shoes are Stylish

In the ’90s, when you talked about Merrell’s, everyone would think of boots. As the company evolved, it realized the importance of style and venturing into other types of shoes.

Today, you can get even Merrell sandals and boots as well, all boasting of a stylish design. Merrell’s are the type of shoes that can be worn for any occasion.

Though not a key factor to consider, their prices are quite fair. You can find a good Merrell shoe in nearly every price range.

This review would however be incomplete if we didn’t compare Merrell to other shoe brands at its level.

Salomon Vs. Merrell

Salomon was founded way longer than Merrell, in 1947. Unlike Merrell shoes that are intended to offer a bit of everything, Salomon’s are created for performance.

With a pair of Salomon’s, you can hike for miles without feeling tired. They also share the same waterproof technology as Merrell that is the Gore-Tex membrane.

About the price difference, Merrell’s are more affordable but still offer premium quality. I highly recommend Salomon shoes if you are interested in a robust hiking shoe that is packed with all essential features for rough terrains.

KEEN Vs. Merrell

KEEN ranks in the same category with Merrell as top shoe manufacturers here in the US. Even though it entered the market later than Merrell in the 2000s, this is a company that has established a good reputation for its brand.

On a head to head comparison, I have discovered that Merrell shoes are more durable than those from KEEN.

Online, there are several reviews talking about how easily KEEN shoes fall apart. There have also been numerous complaints about KEEN’s warranty issues.

They both manufacture shoes for men and women which is the same case with Merrell. It’s also worth mentioning that both brands do sell their shoes at affordable rates. And they don’t disappoint when it comes to style.

Merrell’s Great Return Policy

According to their website, Merrell offers a 12-month warranty on their products. Considering this is a warranty for shoes that clearly shows the company takes pride in their products and believe that the shoes will serve their customers well.

Should the shoes arrive damaged? Get in touch with their customer care team for assistance. You should also know that the company doesn’t offer compensation for issues that arise during normal wear and use.

Merrell Makes Shoes for the Entire Family

Whether you are looking for hiking, trail running shoes, or casual boots, Merrell has got you covered. Feel free to browse their collection of men, women, unisex, and kid’s shoes.

Yes, you have read that right. They have the cutest sneakers for kids which offer excellent arch support and are slip-resistant. So, as you choose which Merrell shoe to order for yourself, make sure that your place an order for your kids.

Some of their popular shoes include the Merrell Moab 2, Merrell Yokota 2, Merrell Pulsate 2, Merrell Alverstone, and Merrell Chameleon 7.

Moab which is one of Merrell’s best sellers is a high-performance shoe that is built for outdoor activities. The name stands for Mother-of-All-Boots. And if you look at its features, you will know why it was given those initials.

As you choose which shoe to get for yourself, you may come across the label FST in Merrell Shoes. This stands for Fit + Superior Traction. And it indicates that the particular shoe boasts of a high level of gripping abilities.

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