Are Vans True To Size?

I love it when articles get right to the point, so I will start there. Yes, Vans do run true to size. Continue reading if you want to see our sizing chart and all the other purchasing considerations you need to make when buying your next pair of Vans.

Vans are a popular shoe brand that has been around since 1966 by two brothers, Paul and Jim Van Doren. Originally named the Van Doren Rubber Company but swiftly shortened to Vans, they created a classic shoe that was beloved by the mid-70s skating community.

Are Vans True To Size

This article will walk you through (ha, get it?) how Vans are made, what kind of fit they offer, and we’ve even thrown in a size chart to help you find that Cinderella slip-on perfect fit. 

How Are Vans Made?

The production process for manufacturing Vans involves five steps and starts with the sole of the shoe. Since their start in the 60s, Vans has been able to refine and improve their production and are now able to make between 70 and 85 million pairs of Vans each year. 

That’s a lot of shoes. 

The sole of the shoe is crafted using a vulcanized rubber sole which means it has been baked twice to cure the rubber until it is hardened and more durable. The first bake is what creates the iconic waffle pattern that Vans are known for and another bake follows. 

This second stage happens after the shoes have been assembled and steamed which allows the soles to retain a certain amount of springiness making them easier to break in. 

The finishing touches involve cutting and assembling the full shoe, complete with the Vans trademarked signature stitching and the rubber logo attached to the back of the heels. 

Are Vans Sustainable? 

man tying a pair of vans on a log

As the world is waking up to the reality of global warming and the damage that it is doing to our planet, big brands and corporations are starting to be held more accountable for their own contributions to the climate crisis and are being challenged to do something about it. 

Vans has committed to making its materials and manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible in the future. 

Their Green Sole initiative allows them to partner with the Better Cotton initiative to source cotton in order to reduce the environmental impact of its production. This also works towards improving the lives of the farmers and workers, making Vans ethical as well as sustainable. 

Are Vans Vegan?

Although not all of the styles that Vans offer are vegan, the company has made great strides in creating shoes that are suitable for its plant-based fans. In fact, the majority of the materials used in the manufacturing of Vans are completely free from animal byproducts. 

This obviously excludes any of the styles that feature leather as part of their design. The original Authentic, slip-on style shoes and era styles, however, are completely vegan. 

Are Vans Styles Unisex?

Yes, every style of Vans is unisex which is important to know as it means you can wear any style without it making one bit of difference to the size that you need. 

The only exception to this general rule is certain styles like their platform shoes which may require a more specific fit due to the design of the shoe, so these may specify gender or may not be available to purchase in certain sizes. 

Are Vans True To Size?

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One of the great things about Vans that makes them stand out against their competitors is the fact that the shoes they produce are true to size. This makes choosing the right size for your feet easy as in most cases you will require the same size you would wear normally. 

Don’t panic if you purchase a pair of Vans and they feel a little snug when you first put them on as this will be down to the style of the shoe rather than slightly off sizing. 

Slip-on styles of shoes require a bit of extra grip to prevent them from slipping straight off your feet while you walk, so they will often arrive slightly small. After a short breaking-in period your Vans will have stretched and loosened a bit for a perfect and comfortable fit. 

If you’re between shoe sizes, we would recommend choosing the size up and trying to find a suitable insole that will help fill the gap. Although Vans are designed to stretch with wear, choosing a size that is too small for your feet can lead to discomfort or blisters forming. 

To make sure you’re really opting for the right size, it’s a good idea to measure your feet. You can do this quite easily by putting a piece of paper on the floor against a wall and standing on it barefoot.

Mark the point your toes reach on the piece of paper. You can then measure this length for a precise measurement of your foot rather than wriggling around with them. 

Adults Vans Size Guide 

UKEUUS MenUS WomenCM (Foot Length)
2.534.5 3.5525.1

Can I Return Vans if They Don’t Fit?

Yes, you can return vans for any reason related to size, fit, or style as long as you do so within the 30-day return period. This is also conditional on the condition the shoes are returned in; undamaged, unwashed, unaltered, and unworn. 

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