Do You Wear Socks With Crocs?

The first time I saw a pair of Crocs I thought “Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen! They won’t be around long.” I was wrong. The Crocs are still here. Ugly as they are, they are very comfortable. Still, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. Well, if you’re going to wear them, wear them right.

do you wear socks with crocs

Are Crocs Meant To Be Worn With Socks?

That depends completely on the whims of the wearer. The roomy toe box means you can wear socks of any thickness if you want. Of course, the Crocs are designed so that they can be worn without socks as well. Some people don’t like how Crocs look with socks. (On the bright side, at least it rhymes!)

Not only does it make you look like an old man but the shoes were meant to be breathable and able to be worn comfortably in situations where they might get wet. They’re sort of like flip-flops with arch support that way. Socks might defeat the original intended purpose of Crocs, but if it’s strictly for comfort while standing for long periods, go ahead and wear socks.

How Are Crocs Supposed To Be Worn?

On your hand, as you carry them to the trash can. If you insist on wearing them, there are recommended ways to do it. According to the Crocs company, the sides, top, arch, and heel should all fit closely with the toe area loose enough for full movement. Crocs also claim versatility of style.

They can be worn on outdoor activities. They can be classed up with a casual skirt or dress and broad-brimmed hat. The Isabella Collections are some strappy sandals that can be worn to the pool or beach.

How To Wear Crocs With Socks?

If you must wear socks with your Crocs, do it while wearing long pants. Said long pants should be the same color as your socks. The color of the Crocs themselves is immaterial in this case.

What Socks To Wear With Crocs?

You can wear socks of any thickness in Crocs. If you insist on wearing socks with Crocs, at least color co-ordinate. Neutrals go with everything but remember to keep the tone in mind.

Crocs With Socks Built-In!

Yes. These things exist. I’m serious. New York City activewear brand Alfie woke up one day and the result was this. It’s a standard-issue white Croc with what looks like a tube sock stretching from it. If socks could talk, this one would croak out “Kill me”. Oh, and the price is in the three figures. No thanks!

How Many Colors Do Crocs Come In?

Yes. Name it. They got it. Red and yellow and green and brown and blue are just a start. The official site offers eleven color choices. Then you click on one and realize there are even more choices.

They have blue Crocs, for example, but do you want ice blue, chambray blue, bright cobalt or navy? Their “deep green” looks more aquamarine to my eyes. They also have metallics, glitter, iridescent, and patterns such as tie-dye, florals, and more.

How To Wear Crocs Fashionably?

Be rich and famous to start with. You’ll be able to get away with anything. Realistically, you need to keep proportions in mind. As this is a loud and chunky shoe, you need to wear something that blends well with it and at the same time makes it less showy.

Can You Wear Crocs With Jeans?

The most casual bottom is suitable for the most casual shoe. Crocs might be some ugly shoes, but trying to hide them just looks awkward so no baggy pants or flares. You can wear your jeans pegged for a bit of a retro look. Anything too long will make you look stunted.

Can Crocs Be Worn To Work?

This is a tricky one. Jobs that require a sharp look will forbid the common, casual Croc. Jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot will consider anything with an open toe a safety hazard. If this is the case, Croc has something for you.

They do make a line of clogs that are close-toed for safety and come in basic black, nurse white, and casual Friday multi-colored. They are slip-resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, and comfortable.

Can Crocs Be Worn To School?

Why? Is the kid being punished? Crocs can slip off very easily and are not recommended for wear in the gym or playground. Some schools have banned them for the same reason they ban sandals and flip flops.

If the school has stairs, they’re not a safe choice. High school kids taking chemistry, shop or home, etc. may also find them impractical. This summer shoe isn’t suited for the cold months when school is in a session anyway.

Are Crocs Good For Sweaty Feet?

Some people dislike Crocs because they claim they make their feet sweat. However, it’s not so much that the Crocs make your feet sweat as the non-porous material they’re made of does nothing to absorb it. The holes do provide some air circulation, but there is nothing to wick away the moisture. Cotton socks and foot deodorant can help some.

Can You Wear Crocs In The Winter?

For the most part, no. The classic model was designed to be a summer shoe, particularly on boats. However, Crocs has branched out and made some winter boots. The Neo Puff comes in a rainbow ombre on a black colorway. There’s also a line of colorful rain boots for children. This line is a small one, aimed mostly at women and children.

Where Can You Wear Crocs?

Anywhere with a relaxed dress code. You could wear them while doing errands or shopping. The pool or beach is recommended as they are meant to be worn around water in warm weather. Their original purpose was for boating so feel free to slip on a pair to go fishing or tooling around in your sloop.

When Should You NOT Wear Crocs?

Nowhere formal, certainly. Even business casual is a bad match. Also, they are not good for hiking, bicycling, or anything more than light walking. If you are wearing the classic model with holes in them, do not wear them when handling something you would not handle if you were barefoot.

How To Wear Crocs Strap?

The strap can be worn in the front or the back. Wearing the strap in the front is a relaxed mode. Wearing them in the back is sports mode; at least, as sporty as you can get in Crocs.

In relaxed mode, they are as easy to put on and take off as a pair of slippers. While you’re not advised to run in Crocs, wearing them in sports mode will give them a more secure fit that won’t come off as easily.

Should I Size Up Or Down For Crocs?

Do keep in mind that Crocs do not come in half sizes. With many shoe brands that do not come with half sizes, you are recommended to go with the higher size. Because Crocs tend to have a loose fit, to begin with, it’s recommended that you wear a smaller size so that your foot isn’t lost in them.

The sides of your foot should not fully touch the sides of the shoe. Your toes should not ever touch the front part of the shoe. When you have your foot centered on the footbed there should be about a quarter to a half-inch of space in front of your toes.

You should also have this much space behind your heel. When you lift up the strap you should be able to put your finger between the strap and heel with no problem.

Do Crocs Stretch Out Over Time?

Crocs are fabricated from a foam resin known as croslite, which itself is built with a polymer called ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). It is flexible but nonporous. In only a little time it can conform easily to the wearer’s feet. It won’t stretch so much as mold and it will always feel a bit loose, ideally.

If they are too tight, there are ways to loosen them up with a little heat. Wrap them in a towel and put them in the dryer for about three minutes. After that, put on some very thick socks, put the Crocs on, and walk around a little. Washing them in hot water can also work.

Which Crocs Are The Most Fashionable?

For their new Spring 2020 collection, Crocs has partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken to make shoes that both look and smell like fried chicken. Alright, so it’s come to this. Kentucky Fried Crocs. The soles of these shoes are striped red and white like the famous KFC bucket.

The rest of the shoe is covered in a photorealistic pattern of golden fried chicken. The shoes also come with a pair of drumstick shaped charms that smell just like fried chicken and… that’s it I’m done. Nope! So much nope!

OK, let’s look at the more sensible new arrivals for 2020. With summer coming, Crocs are getting more minimalist as far as design, appearing more like strappy sandals one could wear to brunch or a beach party. The Monterey Diamante Wedge Flip resembles a high-class flip flop.

The Brooklyn High Wedge has the style of a formal open-toed sandal without discomfort. The Brooklyn Mid Wedge dials things back a notch with simple elegance.

Artist collaborations have proven to be popular. The models designed by Posty Co., Luke Combs, and Takashi Murakami are currently all sold out. A few high-end brands such as Madewell and Barney’s of New York have put their unique spin on a shoe that is commonly seen as a very low end.


So, socks with Crocs? Technically, you can wear any kind of socks with your Crocs. Whether you should is a matter of debate. Cotton is recommended as it is breathable. If you must wear socks with Crocs, at least not make it obvious or at least do it with style.


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