Saphir Vs. Kiwi: Helpful Comparison Guide

saphir vs kiwi

Having spent a couple of hundred dollars on shoes, it is imperative that you commit to taking proper care of them. Shoe polish doesn’t only give your shoes a beautiful shine but it also nourishes leather thus extending their lifespan. With so many shoe polish brands to choose from, you are definitely stuck wondering which … Read more

How To Apply Shoe Polish?

how to apply shoe polish

The shoeshine boy was once a staple character in the detective story. It was also the pastime of a young, spunky poor boy wanting to make good. A few merciless parodies of the trope plus fewer people wearing shoes that needed shining meant the shoeshine boy was seen less, both in fiction and real life. … Read more

How To Use Saddle Soap On Boots?

how to use saddle soap on boots

Saddle soap is a proprietary compound. As the name suggests, it can be used to clean saddles but it can clean, condition and protect anything made out of leather. It is a mild soap historically and in modern times used on a variety of horse tack but can also be used on leather footwear. Saddle … Read more

Do Timberlands Get Water Stains?

do timberlands get water stains

In 1952, a Russian immigrant named Nathan Swartz bought a fifty percent share in the Abington Shoe Company in Boston, Massachusetts. Eventually, he worked his way up to buy out his partner and invited his sons Herman and Sidney into the business. They moved the company to Newmarket, New Hampshire. This corner of New England … Read more

Mink Oil Vs. Leather Conditioner: Which One Is Really Better?

mink oil vs leather conditioner

Would you believe the world’s oldest surviving leather item is 5,500 years old? It’s a cowhide shoe that would be a women’s size seven today. (Men were smaller in that time and place, so it could have been a man.) Even the laces are intact. It was found in a cave in Armenia stuffed with … Read more