Saphir Vs. Kiwi: Helpful Comparison Guide

saphir vs kiwi

Having spent a couple of hundred dollars on shoes, it is imperative that you commit to taking proper care of them. Shoe polish doesn’t only give your shoes a beautiful shine but it also nourishes leather thus extending their lifespan. With so many shoe polish brands to choose from, you are definitely stuck wondering which … Read more

Should You Keep Shoes In Boxes?

should you keep shoes in boxes

Shoe boxes are often repurposed by school children for art projects. Adults sometimes repurpose them as gift boxes. Either way, it’s better than having them clutter up an already full landfill or worse, litter the side of the road. Some people, particularly the ones who buy high-end brand name shoes, keep the box as storage … Read more

How Should Danskos Fit?

how should danskos fit

In the late Eighties, a husband and wife duo of horse trainers, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup went on vacation in Denmark. They found that the traditional Scandinavian clog made the perfect barn shoes. In 1990, they started a company called Dansko for “Denmark Shoe”. They have since added different types of shoes to their … Read more

Can A Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller?

can a cobbler make shoes smaller

Yes, cobblers are a real thing. They are not just storybook characters. In a world where people just throw things away to get factory-made items, cobblers are becoming a rare breed, but they still exist. If you have a nice pair of shoes, getting them repaired might cost less than replacing them. Many people go … Read more

How To Remove Deep Scratches From Leather Shoes?

remove scratches from leather shoes

Some men wear leather to look like the dapper Dorian Gray or always well-suited Barney Stinson. Some men prefer to be a little tougher and wear their leather to look more like bad boy James Dean or the anarchic outlaw Jax Teller. Some men look up to James Bond as a blend of both toughness … Read more