Are Sorel Boots Good?

are sorel boots good

Sorel’s logo is not simply a bear. It’s a polar bear. As a polar bear’s paws are perfect for traction on ice and snow, as well as an animal native to Canada, it makes the ideal mascot for Sorel. This shoe company was founded in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada in 1962. Sorel started out with … Read more

Are Frye Boots Worth It?

are frye boots worth it

It started back in 1863. John A. Frye opened his first shop on Elm Street in Marlboro, MA, hiring dedicated artisans to make shoes. In 1888, the Frye Company came out with their first boot. Leather of the highest quality was used as was precision stitching, a fine example of expert craftsmanship. In 1889, Frye … Read more

Where Are Muck Boots Made?

where are muck boots made

Muck boots are aptly named. They are made for walking through wet, muddy, messy conditions. These boots were meant for farmers, hunters, herders, loggers, and anyone else who has to trudge through mud and/or snow to get the job done. These boots are built to keep feet warm, dry, and comfortable no matter what the … Read more

Are Hunter Boots Good For Snow?

are hunter boots good for snow

At the beginning of 1856, one Henry Lee Norris, late of New Jersey, came to Glasgow, Scotland with his friend and partner Spencer Thomas Parmelee to use Charles Goodyear’s patent to make India-rubber overshoes and boots. They set up shop at the Castle Mill in Edinburgh. Their lease came with a pair of condensing steam … Read more

Do Timberlands Get Water Stains?

do timberlands get water stains

In 1952, a Russian immigrant named Nathan Swartz bought a fifty percent share in the Abington Shoe Company in Boston, Massachusetts. Eventually, he worked his way up to buy out his partner and invited his sons Herman and Sidney into the business. They moved the company to Newmarket, New Hampshire. This corner of New England … Read more

Do UGGs Run Big Or Small?

do uggs run big or small

In 1978, an Australian expatriate named Shane Stedman was checking out the surf scene in Southern California. Sheepskin boots had been worn at Australian sheep stations for ages at that point, and now Shane was bringing them to America. They were banned from movie theaters in Sydney and were quickly becoming a symbol of laid … Read more