Best Hiking Boots For Narrow Feet: Our Editor’s Picks & FAQs

best hiking boots for narrow feet

Do you find it hard to fit different shoe styles and wondering what the problem is because the only shoes you can fit in are the specialty width shoes? Don’t worry because you are not alone. You could be among those people whose feet fit the length of the shoe but leaves extra space on … Read more

Are Danner Boots Good?

are danner boots good

Danner boots aren’t house shoes. They are made for adventure. Their roots are in 1932, Portland Oregon when Charles Danner built boots tough and strong enough to be suitable for loggers. The Pacific Northwest is uncompromising and so was Danner’s boot design. The Danner company stays devoted to unshakable ideals of superb craftsmanship, utilizing only … Read more

Are Hoka Shoes Good?

are hoka shoes good

Hoka One One is a decent brand that’s popular among many people for offering comfortable, lightweight, and well-cushioned shoes. They offer a wide array of models that suits various needs. Let’s find more about Hoka One One and know what’s special about them. What Is Special About Hoka Shoes? The soft cushioning is what many … Read more

Best Motorcycle Boots For Wide Feet: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

best motorcycle boots for wide feet

Helmet? Check! Goggles? Check! Attitude? Double-check! Boots? You got the boots, right? They’re just as important as your helmet and riding jacket. You can’t wear just any boots riding your steel horse over the great asphalt plains. Before you go racin’ with the wind you gotta be hell-bent for leather just in case you don’t … Read more

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? Detailed Q & A Guide

are doc martens good for snow

Doc Marten started when a young military doctor from Munich named Dr. Klaus Märtens broke his foot skiing and wanted something more comfortable than standard-issue army boots. When the war was over, he went into the shoemaking business and marketed his air padded boots to housewives and older women. Postmen and factory workers favored them … Read more

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet: Enjoy The Spacious Footwear Feeling

The initial conception of the game known as basketball was an example of trial and error. In December of 1891 Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor (yes, they called gym coaches “professor” back then) from the YMCA of Springfield, Massachusetts, wanted a game his students could play in an indoor gymnasium during bad weather. … Read more