Are Black Socks Bad for You? Myths That Need Busting

If you have ever been a victim of smelly feet, then you can testify how embarrassing this condition can be. You are forced to wear open shoes most of the time and always afraid to remove your shoes when visiting friends or family.

In the search for a remedy to my smelly feet, I came across forums discussing how bad it is to wear black socks.

Several people talked about how black socks are responsible for sweaty feet, fungus and bacterial infections, and plenty of other bad things.

Then and even today, black socks remain to be my favorite. I am a laid back kind of person and I love non-shouting colors.

I think that black socks blend with pretty much anything, they are easy to clean and if you are as clumsy as I am, when you lose one sock, you can always pair it with another black sock.

So, I got quite curious and researched further on whether black socks are really bad for you. And the answer is; they are NOT. If you fancy black socks then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Most of the above conditions such as smelly feet and fungal infections are caused by other factors such as wearing a pair of thick or synthetic socks. And not just wearing black socks.

Were you worried that your love for black socks would affect your feet’s health or have other negative impacts on your life?

Well, these are just silly myths and there is no difference between black, white, pink, yellow, green, or orange socks.

What you should consider when choosing a pair of socks is quality, material, and finally your color preference.

are black socks bad for you

Is It Bad to Wear Black Socks?

Of course, it’s not bad. However, from a medical point of view, brighter sock colors are recommended for people with certain conditions such as diabetes.

Black socks because of their color, it can be impossible to notice blood or pus draining from wounds on the feet.

As a result, doctors highly recommend white socks so that it can be easier for the wearer to notice stains and take immediate action.

Are Black Socks Bad for Diabetics?

Other than the color reason we have seen above, should diabetics avoid black socks entirely?

The answer to this is also no. According to the diabetes council, diabetics can wear any sock color provided the sock stays dry, fresh, and odor-free.

The biggest concern with black socks a while back for diabetics was the risk of dyes bleeding into an open wound.

However, thanks to technological advancements, dyes in socks stay much longer in socks and the chances of affecting a wound are very minimal.

With that being said, diabetics should choose their sock’s color wisely. Because some may experience a loss of feeling in their feet, white socks remain to be a better option as they will easily spot stains of blood or pus.

But other than that, black socks do not impact their health negatively.

Other than medical reasons, picture how hard it will be to clean a pasta sauce stain on your white socks? Black socks are amazing at hiding stains. You can step on anything and a quick wash will leave your pair of socks as clean as new.

Does Wearing Black Socks Portray a Bad Character?

While doing research on black socks, I came across a comment that described lovers of black socks as careless individuals, who only loved black socks because of how easy it is to pair a lost pair of socks with another.

I agree that what we wear contributes to the overall impression we make on other people.

And even though this is a sneaky trick we ‘black socks lovers’ have developed over the years, that doesn’t really portray our characters as terrible.

From my point of view, I think that black socks are a conservative and safe choice to pair with official or casual attire.

Putting on a pair of black socks makes you sophisticated especially if you pair it with a suit. Black socks also feature a versatile color and can be worn by both men and women.

And if there is a character that is associated with black socks is that the wearer prefers to play it safe and is quite straightforward.

It also shows that you aren’t the kind of people who seek attention and prefer to approach matters subtly.

Can Black Socks Lead to Feet Infections?

Another popular misconception is that putting on black socks can lead to health issues on your feet such as bacterial build-up or fungal infections.

Health One Medicine describes the perfect breeding ground for fungus is moist and damp. In that description, they haven’t mentioned black socks anywhere, have they?

Infections and foot issues are most likely to affect people who confine their feet in a sweaty and tight-fitting shoe for extended periods.

Conditions such as athlete’s foot mostly appear as a scaly rash in between toes as these are areas that don’t have enough breathing room.

Kindly note that these conditions thrive in a dark environment, not a ‘black’ one. Provided your feet remain dry, then you won’t get fungal infections. And if you sweat regularly, it is advisable to change socks during the day.

To fully understand whether black socks can lead to foot infections, we must distinguish between dark and black environments. The latter refers to a hue-less color whereas dark is the absence of light.

Even if you put on a pair of white socks and confine your feet in an unbreathable pair of shoes, the environment inside will be dark and damp.

And you may get a fungal infection. So your sock’s color doesn’t play any role when it comes to getting a foot infection. Practice proper foot care to avoid the above conditions.

Types of Socks that are Actually Bad for You

Now that we have got the color issue out of the picture, let’s look at some actual reasons why certain types of socks are bad for you.

  • Synthetic Socks Make Your Feet to Sweat even More

Even when you are in a cool environment, synthetic socks tend to heat up and thus making your feet sweat a lot.

Combining this with a dark environment creates the perfect recipe for the growth of bacteria. As you take time to choose a socks color, also analyze the quality of the fabric.

  • Non-Absorbent Socks

As if sweaty and smelly feet is not enough, there are some type of socks that keep moisture next to your skin. Thus making it easier to get a foot infection.

A pair of absorbent socks whether black, white, or red will absorb sweat and prevent bacteria growth.

  • Unbreathable Socks Suffocate Your Feet

When it gets hot, a pair of breathable socks will cool your feet down. Synthetic socks on the other hand lack proper airflow and suffocate your feet.

This is the key cause of stinky feet syndrome. I highly recommend investing in a pair of breathable socks.

  • Thick Socks are Only Good for Winter

Heavy socks are only for those who reside in cold climatic conditions. The rest of us should only wear lightweight socks. The lighter a pair of socks is, the more breathable it is.

Do you love black socks and want to keep your feet healthy and ensure they smell good, then consider the above features when you are buying your next pair.

By all means, avoid synthetic black socks and instead opt for a pair of socks made from quality fabric such as bamboo viscose.

Why Black Socks are Better than Other Colours?

Not unless you have a bold personality, I would recommend black socks for any occasion. I can’t even remember the last time I saw anyone rocking a pair of white socks with a suit or pair of jeans. White socks are mostly worn when going to the gym.

Black socks portray a high level of formality. It blends easily with business attire and makes you look exceptional in a formal setting. Unlike bright-colored socks, black socks won’t draw unnecessary attention to your feet.

Remember happy socks? This trend that everyone thought would replace black socks in the formal settings faded faster than we anticipated.

Secondly, black socks don’t get dirty easily. Do you know that a pair of white socks are more susceptible to dirt than a black dress? No matter what you spill on black socks, you can easily wash them off and go on with your duties.

As a general rule of thumb, socks and shoes should always match. And because most people own dark-colored shoes, black socks are the best choice to match your shoes with.

Not to mention, a pair of black socks are excellent at adding a personal touch to your overall outfit. NY Times explores how a look that was once perceived as clueless has turned into a new trend.

Everyone, ranging from celebrities to popular fashion models is adding black socks to their wardrobes. And it’s not the young generation that’s having fun with this new trend, everyone is in on it.

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