Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? Detailed Q & A Guide

Doc Marten started when a young military doctor from Munich named Dr. Klaus Märtens broke his foot skiing and wanted something more comfortable than standard-issue army boots. When the war was over, he went into the shoemaking business and marketed his air padded boots to housewives and older women.

Postmen and factory workers favored them as well. The Sixties brought on the famous eight-holed 1460 boot. Pete Townshend of The Who wore them and sang about them as a symbol of working-class pride. By the Seventies, the boots became a symbol of rebellion and individualism. So, what exactly are Doc Martens good for?

are doc martens good for snow

Are Doc Martens Good For Your Feet?

They were designed for someone who couldn’t tolerate raised arches. The sole is very springy and cushy. They are very comfortable and supportive. If you want arch support you may want to consider an over the counter insert. There is a bit of a break-in period required, but after that, you’re good to go.

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

Doc Martens does make a line of boots suited for winter wear. These boots feature things such as fleece linings, water-resistant leathers, faux fur, and supreme traction. They’ll handle walking on snow and keep your feet toasty warm besides.

Are Doc Martens Good On Ice?

Doc Martens have pretty good traction to start with but to navigate icy surfaces you might want to try their WinterGrip line.

These boots come with grooved cleats that have excellent traction plus the grip and durability needed for a solid footing on slippery surfaces. They are also made from a unique form of leather called Snowplow. Snowplow is grit-and-salt-resistant plus water-resistant. It is also very easy to clean.

Can You Wear Doc Martens In The Winter?

Another line of Doc Martens built for the colder months is known as WarmWair. These shoes have soft, insulated linings manufactured from carefully chosen materials. The faux fur is thick and fuzzy while the fleece has more of a slim fit. For best results, do not wear them with fishnets as their model has for some reason.

Can You Wear Doc Martens In The Rain?

There’s a line for this too! It is a relatively new line they call DryWair. It is waterproof yet breathable. The twin heat-sealed welt innovation keeps the water from getting into the air-cushioned sole. It features a rich, oily leather that has received a waterproof treatment.

Do You Need To Waterproof Doc Martens?

Not if you get the DryWair, but you might if you managed to get some old school Docs. You may want to use Liquiproof to make these boots more waterproof.

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking?

Many people do wear them for hiking. Doc Martens have responsive soles, supportive leather and sturdy shape that makes them a good choice for hikers.

Are Doc Martens Good For Walking?

That’s what they’re made for and just what they’re going to do. You do have to break them in first. Once you’ve done that, do all the walking you want.

Can You Wear Doc Martens To Work?

Doc Martens were originally marketed as work boots. But, suppose you work as a lawyer or an accountant? You can still wear them, as long as you wear them with the right outfit. Trousers that are slim fitting are recommended for a professional look. Basic black, navy blue, charcoal grey or a medium to dark brown or russet are appropriate colors. A shirt and blazer add a touch of formality. A solid-colored sweater makes a business casual look. For the ladies, the pantsuit is becoming more acceptable.

Can You Wear Doc Martens In The Summer?

If you can find some Eason Canvas, you can. They are no longer available on the official Dr. Marten’s online store, but you may be able to find them elsewhere. (Good luck. They sell out fast.) They are made of breathable canvas in a chukka boot style and come in burgundy and indigo as well as the classic black, white and gray. They go great with rolled-up chinos.

Are Doc Martens Hard To Break In?

It does require some effort. You may want to wear them a couple of hours every day until they’re broken in. Some types are easier to break in than others. Vegan styles, for example, require no breaking in.

How Long Do Doc Martens Take To Break In?

Depending on the materials and the thickness of the leather, it could take anywhere from three to six weeks. Once they’re broken in, they’ll feel like they were custom made. Remember to wear thick cotton socks when breaking in your Docs. Dr. Martens makes a product called Wonder Balsam that helps things along by softening the leather. A boot stretcher also works. If the boots are on the narrow side moleskin, corn plasters or bunion pads can make them more bearable.

Are Doc Martens Good For Orthotics?

You might want to get something in an extra-wide, but it can work. Remember to take the orthotic with you when you go shopping for shoes.

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

They do have wide sizes available. Docs are made with real leather which is great for wide feet. They are also very roomy in the toe area. Classic styles such as the 1460 8 Eye boot tend to run on the wide side.

Do Doc Martens Fit True To Size?

For the most part, they do. Do keep in mind that Dr. Martens defaults to the UK sizing as their factory is located in Wollaston, Northampton. There are no half sizes to go one up if you need it. Go a half size smaller if you like a snug fit.

Do Doc Martens Stretch Out?

As with most other boots, Doc Martens will stretch out a bit and conform to the shape of your foot somewhat. However, you must see to it that you are not confusing a new and unbroken feel for an unsuitable fit. Always remember that Doc Martens can take some time to break in when compared to other boots.

How Do You Break In Doc Martens?

Start by getting the right size. Docs are usually true to size though they do not come in half sizes. You may have to start with small increments of time such as five to ten minutes to start with and work your way up to an hour or two. Some people tap the heel with a hammer to speed things along but this can damage the smoothness of the new leather. A hair drier might work if you can do it without scalding the leather.

How Do You Make Your Doc Martens Tighter?

Most shoe shrinking methods are not recommended for Docs. It is recommended that you use a lacing method to make the fit closer if you need to.

How To Lace Up Doc Martens?

There are many ways to do it, but this method is sure to give you a secure fit. Some people skip the upper four eyelets, but going all the way up will give you a tighter fit.

  • Thread one end of the lace through one of the bottom eyelets from the underside of the hole.
  • Pull the lace-up and through the top of the opposite side. The lace should come through the eyelets through the top. Also, the bottom part of the lace must be a good bit longer than the top portion.
  • Come back to the bottom part of the lace. Thread the lace through the other side from the top of the eyelet, then bring it back to where you started. Thread the lace through the underside of the next eyelet then pull to make it tighter.
  • Repeat these steps until the boot is laced up.

How Long Do Doc Martens Last?

Some people have kept their Docs for more than ten or even twenty years. Until recently, Dr. Martens had a lifetime guarantee. Presumably, people were taking too many ridiculous risks to test the durability of their Docs. Take care of your Doc Martens and they may outlast you! Whoever finds them in a thrift store will be glad of this.

How To Take Care Of You Doc Martens?

Your boots should be cleaned every three months or as needed. The boots should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth after each wearing to get rid of anything that may deteriorate the leather. For a more thorough cleaning you should, after removing the laces, you must wipe the boots to a lather using a leather cleaner. (Dr. Martens manufactures such products, but use what you find works.) Use a clean, damp cloth to remove this lather. The boots will need two days in a well-ventilated area to dry. Once they are good and dry you can add the conditioner.

Which Doc Martens Are The Most Popular?

The number one bestseller seems to be the 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up. This style is very classical for the brand and is now available in ten different colors. The 1461 Smooth Leather Oxford is quite popular with people who want a more semi-formal look. The 2976 Smooth Leather Chelsea is their bestselling slip-on.

Who Wears Doc Martens?

While there are a variety of youth subcultures that prefer Docs (DM’s if they’re in the UK) they are functional as well as fashionable boots. Anyone who wants a comfortable, sturdy, long-lasting boot would like them. While the classic 1460 is still their best seller, Dr. Martens keeps on top of what the consumer wants in a boot and tries to meet that.

How To Choose Doc Martens?

Dr. Martens has sizes and styles to suit all sorts of tastes. The classic 1460 boot or the 1461 8 eyes are silhouettes you should go for if you want something immediately identified as Docs. Go for what suits you.

Why Do Doc Martens Have Yellow Stitching?

To keep them from falling apart? (Yeah, that’s right up there with the one about firemen and red suspenders.) They’ve had the yellow stitching since Klaus Märten partnered with shoe manufacturing company R. Griggs Group Ltd. They are useful for finding out if you have the real deal.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Doc Martens?

True Docs will always have that iconic yellow stitching on the outsoles. Said stitching must be carefully and cleanly finished. Shoddy stitching is a clear sign of a counterfeit. The embossing should be crystal clear. Check the shoebox for the logo and matching serial number. All info on the box should jibe with the product. Real Docs will also come with spare laces.

Are Doc Martens Worth The Money?

Only you know that. They cost a lot, but they last so long it makes the high price seem worth it.


The “Doctor Martens Boots” song featured on The Young Ones says all that needs to be said about the Docs. Though, the price of “19 pounds and 99p” has probably gone up considerably. Still, those comfy air-flow soles and durable leather are going to be here for ages to come.



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