Are Sorel Boots Good?

Sorel’s logo is not simply a bear. It’s a polar bear. As a polar bear’s paws are perfect for traction on ice and snow, as well as an animal native to Canada, it makes the ideal mascot for Sorel. This shoe company was founded in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada in 1962. Sorel started out with a line of winter boots.

Today, Sorel has since expanded and also makes athletic sneakers and nylon outerwear plus other work-related garments. With winter soon coming, Sorel is focusing more on their boots. As always, Sorel plans to combine both functionality and fashion.

are sorel boots good
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Is Sorel A Good Brand?

One thing many people like about Sorel is their durability. A pair of Sorel Caribou Boots can last a good ten years, even with heavy use. Some of their styles can have their lifetime extended by simply changing out the liner. They are also quite warm, suitable for the most frigid of temperatures. The rubber sole is not only flexible but provides great traction in snow and ice.

Why Are Sorel Boots Good?

For winter boots, they are actually quite breathable. They are waterproof so they’re great for rainy days too. Just like how a polar bear has papillae on its paw pads to create friction between the paw and ice to prevent slipping so too does Sorel have a textured, grippy outsole. Most importantly, they are extremely comfortable.

How Long Have Sorel Boots Been Around?

They have been around for about fifty-eight years as of this writing. They were introduced in 1962 by the Kaufman Rubber Company of Kitchener, Ontario.

Where Are Sorel Boots Made?

They are marketed, manufactured, and distributed by the Columbia Sportswear Company in Portland, Oregon.

What Are Sorel Boots Made Of?

The grippy and flexible outsole and the entire lower part is naturally made out of vulcanized rubber. The upper part is made out of leather. The rubber is easy to clean and is completely waterproof.

Are Sorel Boots Vegan?

While most of their models do contain leather, Sorel does provide some vegan offerings. The Moonboot style “Snowlion” boot is one of the more popular models. The Whitney Tall Lace Boots and the 1964 CVS boot are also vegan friendly. The “fur” lining is artificial.

Do Sorel Boots Run Small?

This varies from one model to model, but some consumers do find them a little on the small side. Keep in mind that thick socks are often worn with winter boots. Sorel claims that most of their items fit true to size but there may be some variation from one model to another. They encourage customer reviews so other customers will have a good idea of what size they should get.

How Do Sorel Boots Fit?

Like any good winter boot, they are somewhat loose about the foot, trapping air to keep the feet warm. When you put the boots on, it is recommended that you push your foot forward towards the front of the boot before tightening or fastening them.

How Comfortable Are Sorel Boots?

They are exceedingly comfortable to wear. However, if you typically require additional support, you might want to put a pair of anatomical insoles inside of them.

How Do You Break In Sorel Boots?

Start by putting on a thick pair of socks. It will stretch the leather and save you from getting blisters. Strategically placed blister plasters can also keep them from forming. You can use a hairdryer to stretch the leather with a little heat, just don’t do it for too long. There’s also the old freezer trick, zip lock bag full of water in the toes, and putting the boots in the freezer.

Do Sorel Boots Stretch Out?

The Out ‘N About line does stretch a little. The Tivoli might stretch if you wear thick enough socks. The Joan of Arctic wedge is significantly stretchy.

Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

Sorel Hiking boots are made with pure full-grain leather uppers. Their soles are built out of waterproof rubber and the outsoles are all achieving a maximum amount of traction.

Because of this, they actually are a good choice for winter boots and an excellent option to wear while hiking during the winter or to go on a trek in the snowy mountains.

They are not the best choice for hiking in spring or summer as they may make your feet too warm and are a little on the heavy side. Save them for the ice and snow.

Are Sorel Boots Waterproof?

The rubber bottom is totally waterproof.

Are Sorel Boots Good For Snow?

The microfleece is sure to keep your feet nice and warm without sweltering. For the most part, Sorel boots are recommended more for rain than snow, but they should serve if you pair them with some warm, thick socks. The traction on the soles is great for slippery conditions.

Popular Sorel Boots Models

  • The Caribou is a popular waterproof winter boot that is good for cold and wet days.

Sorel Women's Caribou NL1005 Boot,Buff,7.5 M

Sorel Women's Cate Booties, Black, 7.5 Medium US

  • Joan of Arctic might be a cringey pun but the seam-sealed waterproof construction and faux fur cuff make it a decent choice as a winter boot.

Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Boots, Black/Quarry, 9 Medium US

Sorel Women's Cumberland NL1436 Boot, Turtle Dove/Silver Lining, 10 M US

  • The Snow Angel lives up to its name by delivering two hundred grams of insulation, a conveniently removable EVA footbed, and a very grippy outsole for improved traction in the most slippery of conditions.

Sorel - Women's Snow Angel Waterproof Insulated Boot with Faux Fur Cuff, Rootbeer, 9 M US

  • The Slimpack is ready for action in any sort of weather conditions.

Sorel Women's Slimpack Lace II Snow Boot, Quarry, Black, 7.5 M US

Sorel Vs. Kamik

  • Both are great for walking in heavy snow and are dead even for low-temperature tolerance.
  • The Sorel is slightly heavier than the Kamik.
  • Though lighter, the Kamik manages to be slightly taller.
  • For insulation, Sorel uses a removable nine-millimeter ThermoPlus washable recycled felt inner boot with a Sherpa Pile snow cuff, The Kamik’s insulation is 200B Thinsulate.
  • The Sorel’s midsole is a two and a half millimeter bonded felt frost plug and the outer is a handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with Sorel aero-trac non-loading outsole.
  • The Kamik’s sole is a Snowtread with synthetic rubber.

Sorel Vs. LL Bean

  • The major difference between these two types of boots, other than a few little things in the style, is that Sorel puts their focus on warmth with a Thinsulate lining in the boots.
  • On the other hand, L.L Bean puts their focus on locally made (local as in Maine, USA) materials of high quality.
  • Both are great for staying warm and dry.

Sorel Vs. UGG

  • One big difference between Sorel and UGG is the type of lining.
  • Sorel uses synthetic materials where UGG uses sheepskin, the only real difference here is how you feel about sheep and/or wool.
  • UGGs are less breathable due to this dense lining.
  • Both are thoroughly waterproof and have great traction.
  • Sorel has the removable EVA footbed.
  • UGGs tend to be a little pricier.

Do You Wear Socks With Sorel Boots?

A sock liner is not necessarily required should you plan to wear Sorel’s in warm weather. On the other hand, should you find yourself out in below zero weather for an extended period of time while wearing a Sorel Caribou Boot (which is rated to 30 below zero), it is vital that you wear the sock liner if you want your feet to stay warm. If you do not, your feet will quickly become quite damp. And that will soon be followed not very long afterward by them getting cold.

Can You Wear Sorel Boots Without The Liner?

These boots are versatile enough that you can simply just wear the external boot without the liner. That could prove to be useful on warm days when you don’t really call for the six-millimeter-thick felt insulation.

What’s more, as these boots have elastic laces, you can effortlessly tighten up the boot to fit you perfectly well even without all of the insulation.

Can You Wash Sorel Boot Liners?

You can, but they should not be machine washed or placed in a dryer. The four-layer ThermoPlus replacement boot liners can be spot cleaned, but only with a damp cloth. Recycled felt liners should be washed by hand with a mild detergent before being hung up to dry.

How To Clean Sorel Boots?

That depends on what kind of leather your boots were made out of. Waterproof leather should be washed this way:

  • Use a medium bristle brush to take away dirt, dust, or any other debris. (It is recommended that you use one made expressly for cleaning leather.)
  • Wipe the shoes down using a damp cloth.
  • Let the shoes dry off in a cool, dry place.

If your leather is dry tanned or oiled, then this would be the correct way to clean it:

  • Remove all dirt, dust, or debris, using a dry cloth.
  • Use a clean cloth that has been dipped in a little bit of leather cleaner to apply it all over the shoes.
  • Wipe the shoes down with a damp cloth to get rid of all of the residues.
  • Let the shoes dry off in a cool, dry place.

If your leather is Nubuck or suede, then it is very easy indeed to clean. All you have to do is use a soft brush to get rid of the dirt, dust, or any other debris. It is suggested that you use a brush made specifically for nubuck and suede leather.

Should I Spray Sorel Boots?

It is not entirely necessary as they are already completely waterproof. You should not use a mink oil treatment because this will break down the leather. It will also flatten the nap and alter the appearance of the leather.

Do Sorel Boots Go On Sale?

They do often have clearance and Black Friday sales. Some of their clearance items go for as much as half off.

Do Sorel Boots Have A Lifetime Warranty?

They have a one-year limited warranty. It lasts for one year from the date of purchase and covers defects in materials and workmanship.

How Long Do Sorel Boots Last?

They can last a good ten years or more, even with heavy use in damp conditions.

Are Sorel Boots Worth The Money?

They are fully waterproof and stay that way for a decade or more. Considering how long they last; the initial price is quite reasonable.


Sorel boots are good if you are in the market for a durable, waterproof boot that will keep your feet warm on even the coldest day. You may not be able to sprint at twenty-five miles an hour across the ice like a polar bear, but you probably couldn’t do that on the dry ground either. (Pro Tip: Don’t annoy a polar bear. You won’t be long for this world.)

The Sorel boots do have decent traction that will keep you from slipping. Because they are totally waterproof, they are good for days that are just damp and rainy as well as cold and snowy.


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