Can Nike Slides Shrink In The Heat?

When many people think about Nike they think of sneakers, athletic shoes. But what about footwear for after sports? After the game, the players have to go to a locker room and shower with a bunch of other guys whose feet may not be too squeaky clean.

After all, it’s called athlete’s foot because it’s often picked up in locker rooms. Pro wrestler Kerry Von Erich may have showered with his boots on (He was trying to hide the fact that his right foot was a prosthetic.) but that’s not really something everyone can or should do.

Ice skaters and hockey players are likely eager to get their footwear off after a competition. Even casual swimmers may not like walking on hot concrete after getting out of the pool.

can nike slides shrink in the heat

What Is A Nike Slide?

Basically, they’re flip-flops with the Nike logo. They’re not for playing sports but for lounging around between sports. They are cool, comfortable, relaxing, and go well with sweat pants. Nike recommends you wear the sweat pants with their logo, naturally.

Can Heat Shrink Nike Slides?

They are made of a blend of rubber and polyester that can be easily affected by a high degree of heat. A size nine left in extreme heat can shrink down to the size of a child’s shoe. On a hot day, the inside of a car can reach 130 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. That is hot enough to bake cookies.

Eighties and Nineties kids will remember black and yellow stickers from Blockbuster reminding customers not to leave VHS cassette tapes in a hot car where they could melt.

A few places even displayed posters showing a horribly mangled VHS cassette tape that had been warped by the heat. Nike slides are made of similar material and are affected by heat the same way.

Can The Sun Shrink Nike Slides?

It has gone viral. One Miss Autumn Kamrie reported on Twitter that leaving her size 9 Nike Sliders in a hot car in the sun drastically shrunk them to be useless. The instep seems unchanged in size but the sole is shrunken and bent into a slight but noticeable crescent shape, making it look like they wouldn’t even be useful to a child with feet that small. Some people have reported their Crocs to do the same, being made of resin polymers.

How Do You Shrink Nike Slides?

Remember Shrinky Dinks? Same principle. Nike Slides are made of a material not far removed from the polystyrene Shrinkies are made out of. It seems all you have to do is leave them out in the sun or anywhere that’s hot.

Getting them wet first seems to help things along. Keep in mind that Slides are supposed to feel a bit loose as any other lounge shoe. If you try to make them smaller, you may find that they don’t fit at all.

Can You Unshrink Nike Slides?

You’d have more luck unshrinking the Shrinky Dinks. If they were leather, that might be a different story. There have been suggestions to soak them in a bucket of water, but those people are thinking about expandable water toys, little novelties and gag gifts made out of superabsorbent polymer.

Rubber is not absorbent at all. In fact, people wear rubber to keep themselves dry. All you can do is hope Nike will honor their thirty-day return policy. For the time being, they have extended it by sixty days so you have two months. It may not fall under “material or workmanship flaw”, so don’t count on anything.

How Are Nike Slides Supposed To Fit?

Your whole foot should fit into the sole with no overlap. The straps should not dig into your feet. Nike has a sizing chart that can help.

Do Nike Slides Fit True To Size?

Many people find they do run true to size. They are also true to width. They may only have moderate arch support but that’s better than your average flip flop.

Do Nike Slides Run Small Or Big?

It should be noted that the Slides are only available in half sizes but you should actually go with the smaller size. While they do fit true to size, as a lounge shoe they are expected to be a bit loose. Going up a size means you may find it a bit too loose.

Are Nike Slides Supposed To Be Tight?

They should be just snug enough so that your feet don’t fall out. You do not want them so tight that they cut into your feet. They are lounge shoes and so must have a relaxed feel to them.

Are Nike Slides Comfortable?

They do have some arch support. Consumers have found them to be very comfortable. They are not for walking all day in, but they are comfortable enough to be a summer slip-on shoe for just relaxing.

How To Break In Nike Slides?

It can take about a week. Wear thick socks in the meanwhile to help it loosen up. The leathery instep strap can be a bit stiff at first. Once they’re broken in, they will be the most comfortable shoes out there.

Do Nike Slides Stretch?

The leather part may stretch a bit but the rubber polymer is going to stay the way it is, provided you don’t leave them in the sun to shrink.

How To Stretch Nike Slides?

Non-leather shoes can be stretched by undoing the straps and twisting them around manually. The moot point with the Nike Slides as the strap is immobile. Maybe you can manually twist and massage it as much as you can to get it to loosen up first.

Do You Wear Socks With Slides?

Slides are meant to be worn in summer and hot days when going to the pool or the beach so that you can let your feet breathe and enjoy the fresh air. Wearing socks at these instances wouldn’t make sense since they will get wet and won’t match the surroundings.

However, slides are popular among athletes, for example, soccer players are seen wearing them with socks before and after the match and the look is not that bad.

Some people also like to wear slides because of the comfort feeling they offer even in colder days and in this case they surely will be worn with socks to keep their feet warm.

Are Nike Slides Unisex?

There is a unisex model. It also comes in men’s and women’s sizes. There’s even a colorway in pink foam for men if that’s what they like. There’s also a black and gold colorway for the lady who likes to queen it up.

Most Popular Nike Slides

For The Men:

For The Women:

Nike Slides Vs. Adidas Slides

The nodules on the Adidas may feel like a foot massage at first, but it can get annoying after a while. However, the strap does have a Velcro fastener that makes the fit adjustable. The nodules on the Nike are less obtrusive and so can be worn for a longer period of time.

Why Do My Nike Slides Smell Bad?

Bacteria can build up easily on rubber after just a few wears. Rubber is washable and bacteria can be killed with household products so cleaning them is not a problem.

How To Clean Smelly Nike Slides?

While a lot of rubber shoes are dishwasher safe, the Nike Slides may shrink in such heat. It might be better to make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and scrub them with an old toothbrush. A few hours in the freezer might kill odors.

How To Wash Nike Slides?

You can wash them by hand in lukewarm water with a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent. Do not use dishwasher detergent or anything with bleach. Let them soak in sudsy lukewarm water for about an hour first.

While washing them, you may scrub them with a scrubbing brush for tough stains. Rinse them until the water runs clear. Dry them by hand and sprinkle with a little baking soda.

Can You Put Nike Slides In The Dryer?

We already know heat can make them shrink. Rubber is also a bit of a fire hazard to put in a dryer. It would be better to towel them off as much as you can and let them air dry.

How Do You Glue Nike Slides?

If your Nike Slide breaks in half, you can fix it with some superglue. Make sure to wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area while doing this. Sand down the torn edges first.

Put together and hold the pieces of the slider to the superglue with your hands for five minutes. After the five minutes are up the superglue will be hardened enough to let it sit. Let this dry for the next twenty-four hours.

What Kind Of Shoe Is A Slide?

It is often called a slide sandal. It is a backless, open-toed shoe that receives its playful moniker from the fact that it is easy to slide on and off the foot. The shoe may feature single or multiple straps running across the center top part of the shoe. It seems that most slides under the Nike brand just have one big strap.

When Were Slides Shoes Invented?

These kinds of shoes have been around since antiquity. This is, after all a type of sandal. A sandal is the simplest and earliest type of footwear. The oldest of such findings have been discovered in archeological digs in the American Southwest and are in excess of 8,000 years old.

Over many thousands of years, the design of sandals changed to have a protective sole plus a v-shaped strap to keep it on the foot. Nike itself made slides for the first time in 1990. The Nike Air Max 90 rewrote the book on post-game flip flops with an air unit in the midfoot and deep flex grooves in the outsole for flexibility.

Why Are Slides So Popular?

Because people just got tired of wearing regular footwear on their feet and decided they wanted something soft, cushiony, and practical at the same time especially when they dress casually.

What Are Slides Shoes Made Out Of?

The bottoms are rubber and the tops are typically leather but can also be a fabric of some sort. The rubber may be blended with some sort of polymer to make it more comfortable than a recycled tire.

What Are Slides Shoes Used For?

Primarily, making money. You type that question into a search engine, your whole page will be filled with directions to sites where you can buy slides. Originally, they were meant as resort wear.

They became popular with athletes as an after-game shoe for walking around in the locker room. Some not so athletic people like Mark Zuckerberg started wearing them and they became popular with everyone.

Are Slides Good For Walking?

They are not good for long hikes, but they are suitable for short strolls and just walking around the house.

Can You Wear Slides To The Beach?

They are good for the beach as long as you don’t wear socks with them.

Can Slides Get Wet?

Rubber is fairly water-resistant. These shoes are a favorite for beachgoers and people in locker rooms. Some fabrics that the strap is made of may not be so water-resistant. Your mileage may vary.

Slides Vs. Flip Flops

The big difference between slides and flip flops is slides don’t have a thing going between the toes like flip flops. Slides also have better arch support and are generally less of a tripping risk.

Are Slides Good For Your Feet?

They can be if they have good arch support and adjustable straps.

How To Keep Slides On Your Feet?

Double-sided tape works. If you have hairspray or deodorant (who doesn’t?) you can use that too.


Nike Slides became a viral hit after Autumn left hers in a car and showed the pics on Twitter. But, as long as you don’t leave them somewhere excessively hot slides can be a good, comfortable summer shoe.


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