Do Burberry Shoes Run Small? Useful Tips And Advice

The pride of the United Kingdom, Burberry isn’t a strange name in the world of fashion. With a legacy that has withstood the test of time, this British brand loves to blend elegance and practicality into its products.

Speaking of elegance, it remains a mystery how Burberry has managed to inject timelessness into their footwear. Burberry shoes strike a balance between traditional and modern fashion trends.

After all, what can we expect from a brand that has been around since 1856? Despite these shoes being unique and well designed, a lot of people claim that their shoes aren’t true to size and run small.

If you are planning to get a pair, such information is crucial since it will help you decide whether to size up or not. Unfortunately, Burberry shoes run small.

There are plenty of buyers’ reviews online that support this claim. Their sneakers, boots, sandals, and heels happen to be a bit tight even if the shoe ordered is your correct size.

Several complaints have been made against the company but so far, nothing has changed. It could be their manufacturing process, or that’s how their shoes are designed.

We may never really know why they run small, but what we do know is that you can always size up. Burberry shoes are gorgeous. This is a brand that will elevate your looks and help express your fine taste in fashion.

They have hundreds of shoe designs to choose from. All of which are stylish, comfortable, practical, and durable. Just because they run small doesn’t mean you should avoid the brand completely.

To help you find the right Burberry shoe size, below is how your Burberry’s should fit.

do burberry shoes run small
Dosdldyhai, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How Burberry Shoes Should Fit

Before we go any further, because Burberrys run small, the ideal course of action you should take is going half a size up. It’s only in rare cases when you may have to go 1 size up.

To eliminate the guesswork, shop only at verified Burberry outlets. There you will have the freedom to try on the shoes before buying them.

And you will take away the element of surprise that occurs when you order online and delivered a shoe that runs small.

A well-fitting Burberry shoe should conform to the shape of your foot while providing comfort to the wearer. Be it a sneaker, heel, sandal, or boot, you should be able to walk and sit comfortably.

Because Burberry uses quality materials in their footwear, your source of discomfort may likely arise from a shoe that runs small.

I am going to explain in detail how Burberry shoes should fit you properly. Let’s start with the front part;

  • The Toe Box

This is the front part of the shoe, where your toes rest on. A well-fitting Burberry shoe should have a relaxed and breathable toe box.

Your toes should not reach the end of the toe box, not unless when you are wearing or removing the shoe. The space in between the toe box should be adequate enough to accommodate your toes.

You should be able, to comfortably curl up your toes. If this sort of movement is restricted then that Burberry shoe is small for you.

Kindly note that freedom of toe movement is essential when we are walking. Because this helps in even weight distribution and also improves blood circulation.

When trying on Burberry shoes and confirming the size of the toe box, make sure that you stand up and walk a little bit. Should your feet toes cramp when walking, go half a size bigger.

  • The Instep

This part of the shoe, though often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in sizing. The instep is the upper part of the shoe that extends from where your toes start all the way to the ankle.

Shoes with a smaller instep will inhibit blood circulation and will cause a lot of discomfort when walking.

The instep ought to snugly fit your feet so that you can easily contour and bend your feet when walking. And this is where lace-up shoes beat slip-ons in terms of comfort.

A lace-up shoe can always be adjusted to create room for the upper part of the foot than a slip-on. The good thing about Burberry is that they love adding laces to their shoes.

Be it formal or sneakers, you will find Burberry with laces to allow the wearer to free u instep room. Heels and flip flops from Burberry do not have laces.

Even with flip flops and heels, Burberry makes them with a stretched instep to allow room for bending as well as swelling (it is normal for feet to swell during the day).

  • Heel Fit

There is this misconception that heels should fit tightly so that we can prevent blisters. But it’s vice versa. When pressure is exerted on one end, it should be released on the other.

A tight heel is going to cause more harm than good. For a Burberry shoe to fit you perfectly, there should be a ¼ inch room for heel movement.

This will make it easier for you to walk and sit with your Burberrys. Be wary of a loose heel as it will make the shoe unwearable.

When trying on a new pair of Burberry shoes, remember that sizing is a personal decision. Don’t let anyone convince you that a shoe fits perfectly, even the sales attendants.

If you feel that the heel, instep, and toe box is tight, go for a bigger shoe. Also never buy a shoe just because it looks nice. Sizing is very essential especially for shoes that tend to run small such as Burberry.

For purchases made online, use the Burberry shoe size chart and convert your feet measurement to the sizing of different countries.

Easy Ways to Stretch New Burberry Shoes

Some of us may have laughed when we read how Queen Elizabeth II has her shoes broken in by someone else so that they can be immediately comfortable. However, it is a fact that most new shoes require a breaking in period. More so, those that run small.

For those of us who can’t hire someone to break in our Burberry’s, there are a couple of creative and effective techniques that you can use to stretch new shoes.

  • The most common way is to wear the shoes for a while. You can even wear them indoors so that you stretch the materials a little bit.
  • Soften up your shoe with a spoon by working it into areas that are tight such as the heel and toe box.
  • Put on some thick socks and wear the shoes. And blast on the air dryer. The heat will force the shoe to expand.
  • If you want to be more methodical, invest in some shoe stretchers. These will do the job for you without even dropping a sweat.
  • Stuff your shoes with the good old fashioned newspaper. For years, the newspaper has been used to get rid of shoe creases. However, it can also be used to stretch a new pair of tight Burberrys.
  • If all the above fails, then you should take your shoe to the experts. Though a useful strategy, I find this option a bit extreme. Because once your shoe has passed by the hands of a cobbler, it immediately loses value. You would be better off selling that shoe to someone it would fit better.

Beware of Fake Burberry Shoes (They Don’t Adhere to Sizing Regulations)

With so many copycats out there that lack the skill and expertise to create quality shoes, fake Burberrys often have lots of faults. The quality will be low, the sizing will be odd and so many other things.

So, you need to be very careful when shopping for Burberry shoes. If possible, buy them directly from Burberry outlets. Should you opt to buy them from a retailer, ensure that they are authentic.

On the Burberry website, there is a section for ‘Burberry check’, where you can confirm if your shoes are original. In that section, you will find the original Burberry pattern.

Because most imitations are created in compromising conditions, they will definitely have mistakes. Confirm the order of the colors on the shoe as well as the spacing between the lines.

An original pair of Burberrys will be identical to the patterns on the website. The logo should be present as well as the initials ‘Burberry’ should be written on the sole.

A pro tip that you can use with spotting fake shoes is by analyzing the leather used. A brand like Burberry can never use fake leather not unless the company has decided to.

And they will indicate that when advertising and putting their shoes on display. Imitators love faux leather because it is cheaper.

So, smell the shoe and even look at its appearance and judge whether it’s genuine or fake leather.

It’s very easy to notice the difference. Also, should you see any loose thread or stitching, that’s a fake and it won’t fit you as an original would.

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