Do Coach Shoes Run Small? Useful Tips And Advice

When you read through the different shoe forums, you will find a lot of mixed opinions on Coach Shoes sizing.

Some customers claim that they run small, others big and there are those who say that they run true to size. This can confuse anyone interested in getting themselves a pair or two from this popular brand.

Overall, Coach, which is also known as Coach New York, is a reputable company known for its luxurious and quality accessories. It was founded as a family workshop in 1941 and later on taken over by Miles Cahn and his spouse.

For the 70+ years that it has been in operation, the company has made some of the most durable and comfortable shoes in the market. But, as great as this brand is, how do their shoes fit? Most importantly, do they run small?

do coach shoes run small
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Coach Shoes Sizing and Fitting

When it comes to buying shoes, it is every shopper’s fear to buy a pair that runs small. The reason is, a small shoe is way more uncomfortable than a big shoe. With the latter, you can always stuff things at the front and make it fit.

But with a small one, you will either have to return it and if that’s not possible, give it to someone else or use it as decoration for your shoe rack.

After compiling the reviews I found online, I did come to the conclusion that various Coach Shoes fit differently. Most customers find that the boots run big and so do heels, sneakers, and tennis shoes.

However, flats and sandals tend to run smaller. So, depending on the type of Coach Shoe you are interested in buying, it’s advisable to go half a size bigger.

Another thing that I learned is that Coach Shoes have a flexible sizing. That is, even if the shoe runs big, it will still fit you properly.

In my opinion, one of the reasons why Coach Sandals and flats run small is because these type of shoes, for them to offer comfort, they must be a perfect fit.

And that’s why Coach could have decided to manufacture them that way so that their clients benefit from wearing a well-fitting shoe.

With that being said, it is crucial that you always refer to Coach’s shoe size chart before placing an order. This will ensure that you get the right fit.

How to Find Coach Shoes that Fit You Perfectly?

Growing up, my dad being the old-fashioned guy that he is, always insisted on shopping footwear at physical stores.

That way, we could try on a shoe before buying it so that we go home with the right fit. Though I never realized it then, this remains one of the surest ways to get your hands on a well-fitting shoe.

As much as shopping for shoes online is convenient, it does come with its fair share of challenges. Especially in cases like with Coach Shoes which some of its sandals and flats run small.

To ensure that you always get the right fit, here are some guidelines and tips to follow.

Measure Your Feet Correctly

Even with the Coach shoe sizing chart at your disposal, if you don’t measure your feet correctly, you may end up with the wrong size.

And when we talk about measuring your feet, we are not only referring to the length but also the width and arch length. All these measurements are responsible for ensuring you get the right fit.

You should also know that our feet grow quite fast. So, measure your feet at least twice a year. This way, you will always refer to the latest measurements when shopping for footwear.

Tips on How to Measure Your Feet

  • Do So Later in the Day

Because most people’s feet swell later on in the day that is the right time to measure your feet. This will help avoid buying tight-fitting shoes.

  • Measure Your Feet When Standing Upright

One of the reasons why I always recommend getting your feet measured at a shoe store is because everything will be done for you by a professional.

When you measure your feet by yourself, you may end up doing so in the wrong posture and get the wrong measurements. To avoid that, stand up straight and let your feet spread out. Then take these measurements.

  • Use the Measurements of the Larger Foot When Shopping

It is normal that one foot will be bigger than the other. To be on the safe side, use the measurements of the larger foot when buying Coach Shoes.

So that even if the shoes run small to size, the bigger foot will fit perfectly and the smaller foot can enjoy that extra space.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Different Shoe Sizes

When you look at the Coach size charts, you will realize that your feet length is translated differently in other countries.

For example, a size 5 in the US is a size 35 in the UK and 35.5 in China. Now you have to understand these measurement units when placing an order.

If you are getting your Coach shoes from an outlet in China, then confirm on the chart which size is right for you.

What about Trying on Coach Shoes at One of Their Outlets/Retail Stores?

Even if Coach Shoes happen to run small, buying them from a physical outlet allows you to try them on before paying. Here is how to ensure you get the right fit for your Coach Shoes.

Though it may seem small, this extra space will give you enough room to breathe and wiggle your toes. It will also create room to accommodate the growth of the feet.

  • Try-On the Shoes with Appropriate Socks

When buying Coach sneakers or boots, I recommend trying them on with the socks you will be wearing regularly.

Depending on the thickness of the socks, you will get a size that accommodates that extra space. For those who don’t wear socks, you will realize that you may have to go for a smaller shoe size.

  • Walk with Both Shoes On

Don’t just put them on and say it’s a perfect fit. Give the shoes a try. Walk within the shoe store and get a feel of how these shoes fit you.

  • The Right Shoe Size Should be Immediately Comfortable

Even though some shoes require to be broken in, Coach Shoes happen to be different, they should feel comfortable immediately they are worn. So, don’t keep the shoe in the hope that one day it will fit you.

What to Do When a Coach Shoe Runs Small?

Coach has a great return policy where should you find their shoes running small, you can return them to their store or via mail within 30 days. Buyers have the freedom to either ask for a refund or exchange.

Because of this return policy, you need not have any doubts when buying footwear from a reputable company such as Coach.

Kindly note that the returns require the shoes to be in perfect condition. If damaged, Coach may decline your refund or exchange request.

Should you be unable to return a Coach shoe that runs small, here are some tips on how you can stretch your shoes;

  • Wear them in the evening. As mentioned earlier, our feet swell in the evening and if you find your coach shoes running small, always wear them before bed in the house of course. After doing this severally, you will realize that they will fit you easily.


  • Wear them with thick socks. The extra space consumed by thick socks will stretch your shoes even further allowing them to conform to the shape of your feet.


  • Coach shoes made with leather can be stretched by blow-drying them with medium heat. Applying a blow dryer to tight areas can expand your shoe and make it fit you perfectly.


  • Place a frozen zip-close bag inside your shoe. Then put your shoe in a bag and then let it stay in the freezer all night. This trick, though ‘weird’ is quite effective at expanding non-leather shoes. So, it’s worth giving it a try.


  • You can also peel a potato and shape it in the form of your toe box, stick and let it stay there all night long. I don’t know what magic is in potatoes but doing this stretches your toe area significantly. Don’t forget to dry the potato and place the shoe in a dry environment.


  • Get your own adjustable shoe trees. Commonly found in shoe stores, adjustable shoe trees can also help expand the size of Coach Shoes that run small. What I love most about shoe trees is that they expand both the length and width of the shoe. This is the ideal tool for Coach Shoes that run both small and narrow.


  • Seek professional help from a cobbler. If all DIY tricks fail, there are skilled cobblers out there that can stretch your Coach Shoes. I would advise this as the last and final option because your shoe may lose its style and design.


  • Finally, if you buy a shoe and it happens to run small. And you are unable to return it to the seller, you can always sell it to friends, family or post it on popular e-commerce stores.
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