Everything You Need to Know About Frye Boots Sizing

Sticking a Bandaid onto the back of my ankle for the third time in a month, I stared down my cheap boots and decided that they needed an upgrade. My feet were barking after every workday, and I was totally over using epsom salt baths to calm my aching arches.

If you’ve ever tried to find quality boots that actually fit, you know what a struggle it can be. Every company is different, and their sizing charts are, at best, loose guidelines. Fortunately, Frye boots sizes are simple to understand. What Frye boots sizes are available? Frye boots fit men in sizes 7 to 14 and women in sizes 4 to 11.5.

Frye boots are true to size and can be sized up for people who have wide feet. The boots also stretch, which is ideal for those who like a snug fit that loosens to the foot over time.

As an avid wearer of all things “boot,” I’ve often found that getting the wrong size or width will leave me with blisters or end up causing Charlie horses that wake me up as my legs try to form into pretzels in the middle of the night. Opting out of that is my preference, so that’s why it’s so helpful to understand the Frye boots sizes and if they are true to size or offer the support that your foot needs.

Your feet support all the weight of your body, so checking to be sure you have the right size is essential. Fortunately, Frye is very transparent about the boots they offer and how their sizes line up with other companies in the industry.

In this article, we’ll go over the men’s and women’s size charts from Frye as well as some other need-to-know information about getting the right size for your boots. With the right sizing, you won’t be reaching for an extra pair of socks to fill out your boots or wondering how to expand them to fit you better. We’ll discuss:

  • The Frye boots sizes you’ll normally run into
  • The current Frye boot sizes available
  • What boot width sizes are
  • How to get the best fit for your boots

What Are the Frye Boots Sizes Available Today?

Frye boots sizes start at US size 7 for men and go up to size 14. You can see on this chart below what sizes are available for men in based on US, EU and UK sizes. 

US UK EU Foot Length (inches)
7 5 40 9.625
7.5 5.5 40 9.75
8 6 41 10
8.5 6.5 41 10.125
9 7 42 10.25
9.5 7.5 42 10.5
10 8 43 10.625
10.5 8.5 43 10.75
11 9 44 11
11.5 9.5 44 11.125
12 10 45 11.25
12.5 10.5 45 11.375
13 11 46 11.624
13.5 11.5 47 11.75
14 12 48 12

Frye does offer half sizes, which makes it easier to get an exact fit. Remember, if you have wider feet, you may want to size up at least one-half size to get a boot that fits more comfortably.

Here, the women’s Frye boots chart shows sizes ranging from 4 to 11.5. This chart helpfully includes the foot length in inches, so you can determine exactly what size your feet are based on Frye’s sizing patterns.

US UK EU Foot Length (inches)
4 2 35 8.25
4.5 2.5 35 8.5
5 3 36 8.625
5.5 3.5 36 8.75
6 4 37 9
6.5 4.5 37 9.125
7 5 38 9.25
7.5 5.5 38 9.5
8 6 39 9.625
8.5 6.5 39 9.75
9 7 40 10
9.5 7.5 40 10.125
10 8 41 10.25
10.5 8.5 41 10.5
11 9 42 10.625
11.5 9.5 42 10.75

How Frye Boots Fit

Frye boots fit narrow at first but stretch over time, so they conform better to your foot. Right now, there are literally thousands of styles in these boots, so you can select the shape and style that fits your feet and legs best.

Some helpful tips about Frye boots and what to expect include that:

  • The boots may slip on the heel at first. As you wear them, this slippage usually decreases.
  • You should expect one foot to fit better than the other. Always fit your boots to your larger foot to get the best fit over time.

How Do You Know Which Size You Are In Frye Boot Sizes?

Frye has helpfully stepped in to assist people who aren’t sure of their sizing by stating these two facts:

  1. You will need to order a half-size larger if your larger foot feels too cramped in the boot but the other foot feels fine.
  2. You’ll need a half-size larger if you wear wide-width shoes and there is no wide-width option available in your size.

Frye boots do run true to size, so you can follow the above charts to determine what size you wear. Generally speaking, the boots do run narrow at first, but since they are leather, they stretch out when worn over time.

Consumers have agreed that Frye boots run true to size boots in terms of length, but width depends on the individual pair. Leather boots often feel tight at first, but as you walk around in them and break them in, they loosen and conform more specifically to your feet.

Frye itself suggests trying on your boots in the afternoon and to test that they’re a good fit by:

  • Trying on the boots indoors and on carpeted surfaces, so you can see if there is slippage
  • Putting on the socks you would normally wear with your boots to be sure they’re snug but not pinching
  • Wiggling your toes to be sure they have enough room within the shoe and aren’t pinched or losing circulation

What Are Boot Width Sizes?

Boots may come in sizes marked as narrow, regular or wide width. At Frye, the boots aren’t made wide. Instead, the company suggests that consumers size up a half size if they have wider feet.

The width of your feet will change throughout the day, which is something to keep in mind, as well. Try on your boots in the afternoon, not the morning. Why? As you walk around and you go about your day, your feet will swell and widen. People’s feet tend to be largest during the mid-afternoon, so you’ll get the best boot fit by trying them on at this time.

Do You Need to Know Your Calf Circumference?

If you want to wear taller boots, such as the Harness, Engineer, or Billy Western, then you will need to know your calf circumference. On average, men have a calf circumference of 16.5 inches, while women’s calves are around 14.5 inches. Frye doesn’t offer any immediate information the widths of the calves on their taller boots, so it’s helpful to measure your calves to make sure they’ll fit.

Of course, if you’re going for an ankle boot or short style, you won’t need to know your calf width. You should, however, be sure that your ankles will fit, so adjust the tape measure down a few inches to where the narrowest part of the boot will fall and check that your boots can zip or pull on without a struggle.

Frye Boots Sizes Review

In summary, Frye boots usually fit true-to-size. Following helpful tips like measuring your calves and foot can help you more accurately get the correct size if you order online. Of course, if you go to a store, you should have your feet measured by the staff.

Although these boots tend to be narrow at first, they’re made of real leather and do loosen up over time with regular use. You should expect the heels to slip a little at first, but they’ll stop doing that the more you wear them.

If you decide on ankle or low-rise options, remember to measure the narrowest part of the boot and make sure your leg or ankle will fit. While most of these boots are true-to-size, there are over 24,000 current styles available and sizes may vary.

Boot shopping can be tough, but getting the right pair keeps your feet comfortable (and free of cramps!) Leave us a comment below about the Frye boots sizes and if you feel the company’s boots are true-to-size, too!

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