How to Stretch Crocs

How to Stretch Crocs

Ideally, Crocs should fit loosely. However, new Crocs may feel a bit tight when you first wear them, but they should stretch out for a loose, comfortable fit with a few wears. With that said, if the fit is too snug, they may take long and several wears to stretch out. In which case, it is better to take steps to stretch them out manually.

Also, you may find that your once well-fitting Crocs become too snug all of a sudden. Crocs tend to shrink when exposed to direct heat for long. For instance, if you wash them in the dishwasher or the washer in a high-temperature setting. They could also shrink if you leave them in a hot car or under the sun for too long. Some people report that their Crocs shrunk up to two sizes.

Isn’t it counterintuitive that Crocs shrink when exposed to extreme, direct heat? When cooling down, the stretched-out crosslite fibers may shrink beyond the original size. When stretching out Crocs, you use mild to moderate heat to ensure that they shrink to your preferred size instead of over shrinking.

Below are 3 easy ways to learn when looking into how to stretch Crocs.

1. Use Hot Water

This method is easy, effective, and accessible to most people. However, observe caution when handling hot water to prevent getting scalded. Ensure the upper part of the Crocs is fully submerged in the boiled water. You want to put on the Crocs immediately after removing them from the hot water to prevent them from cooling before you remold them.

What You Need

  • Laundry bucket
  • Boiled water
  • Thick socks
  • Crocs


  1. Put hot boiled water into a laundry bucket
  2. Immerse the Crocs in hot water
  3. Let them stay in hot water for about 60 seconds
  4. Wear your thick socks. If you need the Crocs to really stretch out, wear 2 or 3 pairs of thick socks
  5. Take the Crocs out of the hot water and immediately wear them.
  6. Keep the shoes on your feet and walk around for 5-10 minutes. As they cool down, they will naturally remold to the size and shape of your feet
  7. After the 10 minute preset for the drying cycle, remove the socks and wear the shoes to see if they fit as desired. If not, you may need to repeat this process several times until the shoes fit to your liking

2. Use a Hairdryer

This method is also instantaneous and relatively safe. However, keep a close eye on the Crocs shoes when heating them to prevent them from getting too hot.

What You Need

  • Hairdryer
  • Crocs
  • Thick socks


  1. Wrap the hairdryer with a towel. It prevents the high heat from being direct and enables even distribution
  2. Power on the hairdryer, place it inside the shoes for 2-3 minutes, and constantly check whether they are adequately heated
  3. In the meantime, wear your thick socks. You can wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks if the Crocs fit too snugly
  4. When the Crocs are warm and flexible, put off the dryer and remove it from inside the shoes. Wear the Crocs and walk around in them for 5-10 minutes. As they cool down, they should conform to the shape and size of your feet
  5. Take off the socks and try on the shoes. If they still feel tight on the feet, repeat this process severally until you achieve a loose fit

3. Wear the Crocs With Thick Socks

This is a long-term method that is not as instantaneous as the other two. It works best if the Crocs footwear is not too snug. For it to be effective and stretch Crocs, you should wear the Crocs with thick socks as often as possible. For example, wear them as your house shoes or footwear of choice whenever you are walking around the house. If you wear Crocs at your workplace, always wear thick socks.

What You Need

  • 2-3 pairs of thick socks
  • Crocs


  1. Wear 2-3 pairs of thick socks
  2. Wear Crocs
  3. Keep them on as much as possible

Can You Shrink Overstretched Crocs?

Don’t worry if you find yourself in a situation where your Crocs have overstretched, and you need to shrink them. This happens over time, especially if you wear your Crocs regularly and for extended periods. The easiest way to go about shrinking Crocs is to leave them under direct sunlight for some time.

You could also shrink them in a dryer by following the steps below:

What You Need

  • Overstretched Crocs footwear
  • Dryer
  • 2 wet towels


  1. Set the dryer to a low heat setting and the timer at 10 minutes. Do not set the dryer at high temperatures or for longer than 10 minutes, as doing so will overheat the croslite material and fibers, consequently causing the Croc shoes to warp
  2. If your towels are not already wet, wet them and put them in the dryer with the Crocs
  3. Close the dryer’s door and start a drying cycle. Keep a close eye on the dryer. Pause the cycle after 5 minutes and check if the Crocs are hot. If not, return them and allow the preset 10-minutes cycle to complete
  4. Once you remove the Crocs from the dryer, allow them to cool down completely. Do not wear them while they are still hot, as they could burn your feet severely
  5. They should fit more snugly after they cool down completely


Croc shoes are made of lightweight, flexible material. Therefore, whether they shrink or overstretch, you can be able to stretch or shrink them as need be to achieve the perfect Crocs sizing. To shrink them instantaneously, use the hot water method or the dryer method.

However, if you only need to adjust their fit slightly, consider wearing them with 2-3 pairs of thick socks as often as possible. Avoid leaving your Croc shoes under direct heat for long periods. Also, make sure to get the right size for the right fit and the most comfort.

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