Saphir Vs. Kiwi: Helpful Comparison Guide

Having spent a couple of hundred dollars on shoes, it is imperative that you commit to taking proper care of them. Shoe polish doesn’t only give your shoes a beautiful shine but it also nourishes leather thus extending their lifespan.

With so many shoe polish brands to choose from, you are definitely stuck wondering which is best for your shoes. If you have already done some research, then you may know that Kiwi and Saphir are a top choice for many people.

Both of these two polish brands have been around for a while and are equally as popular. Kiwi is cheaper than Saphir which is widely considered as a premium shoe care product.

For those who have used both, you are familiar with Kiwi’s strong petroleum scent which is quite different from Saphir’s pleasant smell. Unlike Kiwi that is hard and caked, Saphir is smoother.

For decades, Kiwi has been known for giving shoes a military-grade shine. Both these polish brands are great. And the perfect choice for your shoes depends on your preference and budget.

Keep on reading to learn more about Kiwi and Saphir as well as why you should get either of these two popular shoe polish brands.

saphir vs kiwi
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Described as the best shoe polish by most experts in the ‘shoe game’, Saphir is a premium shoe care brand. Their products are known for bringing worn-out leather to life and giving shoes a world-class shine.

Saphir polish features a natural formula that is more ideal for leather than their synthetic counterparts. It nourishes and hydrates leather while giving it an excellent shine.

No matter how worn out your leather boots are, you can put your faith in Saphir to restore your shoes to their original shape. Originating from France, Saphir was launched in 1925. That’s over 90 plus years in the industry.

Being one of the oldest shoe polish brands in the market, Saphir continues to stand tall as a shoe care brand manufacturer. Over the years, this polish has gained recognition from experts worldwide.

Comprising of a natural formula, Saphir will keep your shoe leather healthier for the longest time possible.

It’s also the best choice if you are looking to condition leather shoes without adding any color to them. The mink-oil based polish is great at treating leather.

Saphir is very keen on the ingredients they use in their products. The brand has stuck to natural oils only because they easily get absorbed by leather, which in itself is an organic material and shouldn’t be exposed to synthetic materials.

Though expensive than others, Saphir is the king of shoe polishes with a status of its own. It’s practically the best polish money can buy.

Other than being your average shoe polish, every penny spent on getting a jar of this natural formula is worth it.

More so if you have just spent a great deal on a pair of leather boots like Allen Edmonds, you should use premium products such as Saphir on your investment.


When William Ramsay founded Kiwi in 1906, he took Australia by storm. He named the company Kiwi because his wife was from New Zealand, this is according to Campaign Live.

Little did he know that a century later, his polish brand would become a giant in the shoe industry.

Kiwi is the most popular shoe brand in the world. It is cheap, gives your shoe an impressive shine and it’s perfect for use on everyday footwear.

Comprised of an effective carnauba wax formula, kiwi is ideal for heavy use. This is one of the few polishes that can give your shoes or boots a mirror shine.

Popular amongst military personnel and students, Kiwi features a unique formula that sits on leather giving it a shine while removing scuffs. With this polish, you can be assured of total satisfaction with each application.

Being a wax-based polish, Kiwi enhances your shoe’s protection against water and stains.

To some extent, it makes your shoes waterproof and we all know how beneficial this can be in prolonging the lifespan of leather.

Other than that, kiwi makes your shoes shine brighter than a diamond. Well, not that bright, but it will definitely make your shoes stand out.

To get the most out of kiwi, I recommend that you apply it sparingly so that your shoe’s leather gets to breathe a little bit.


  • Ingredients Used

As indicated earlier, Saphir is a natural shoe polish that contains pine-based turpentine, high-quality pigments, and shea butter, whereas kiwi is made up of carnauba wax and heavy naphtha which is a petroleum distillate.

  • Smell

Kiwi’s strong and harsh smell has been its trademark for years. Saphir on the other hand because of the ingredients used in its preparation has a soft pleasant smell.

  • Application

From experience, kiwi requires more application for it to achieve a high shine than Saphir. Initially, I was used to using Kiwi and had no problem with this polish.

However, when I tried out Saphir for the first time, I was shocked at how fast I could get a shine on my boots without using lots of the Saphir polish.

  • Room for Leather to Breathe

Because kiwi requires more applications, it will be harder for your leather to breathe. This is unlike the case with Saphir that requires minimal amounts of polish to get a shine.

  • Price

Kiwi is popular because it’s affordable. On the other hand, Saphir is quite pricey. However, when you look at the ingredients used, it’s evident that Saphir is a premium shoe polish brand.


  • Both Give Your Shoes a Mirror Shine

Despite the difference in ingredients used, these two are after all polishes and will give your shoes the shine they deserve.

  • Covers Scuffs and Restores Worn Out Leather

Whether you decide to use kiwi or Saphir, if your leather shoes have worn out, they all have the ability to cover scuffs and restore worn-out leather.

  • Have Been There for a While

One of the reasons why it is hard to choose one brand over another is because both have been around for ages. And as a result, each company is dedicated to making their product better.

With kiwi being founded in 1906 and Saphir in 1925, they are both giants in the polish industry.

What’s Better about Kiwi?

For a brand that has been around for more than a century, you definitely can’t go wrong with kiwi shoe polish. Its advantages include; kiwi is widely available.

No matter where you are, you can get your hands on some kiwi polish and give your shoes a shine. Other than that, it’s quite budget-friendly.

Kiwi polish products are loved because of their low price tag. Also, kiwi’s formula is ideal for removing heavy duty scuffs and scratches.

Because it’s made up of wax, kiwi offers a considerable level of waterproofing. Kiwi also offers a lasting shine and color protection. Let us not forget how easy it is to apply.

What’s Better about Saphir?

Saphir on the other hand, they are a premium shoe polish company that goes the extra length of not just making shoes shiny, but nourishing and treating leather.

Made with natural ingredients such as pigments, mineral spirits, and beeswax, Saphir is capable of penetrating full-grain leather and restoring worn-out shoes.

The cream revives and waterproofs your shoes as well. It also covers scratches while recoloring faded leather. The natural formula is ideal for making leather healthier and thus enabling your shoes to be more durable.

Having been in this industry since 1920, Saphir has been manufacturing premium products for their clients.

They are a top choice for many popular shoemakers and should be your go-to guys when you are on the hunt for quality shoe polish.

Who Should Get Saphir and Why?

Have you recently purchased a pair of expensive shoes and would like to give them the best care? Saphir polish can help you do that and much more.

This company is dedicated to offering premium polishing services to its clients. Even though Saphir polish will cost more than the rest of the polishes on the shelves, you will be getting pure quality.

Made with natural ingredients, Saphir will work wonders on your leather shoes. They will always look shiny and healthy, all thanks to Saphir shoe polish.

Who Should Get Kiwi and Why?

Are you a student or a full-time employee who is on the hunt for a polish that will make your shoes shine and look as good as new?

Kiwi is your number one choice when it comes to everyday shoe care. This brand that has been there for a century brings you an affordable and quality shoe polish that will revive your shoes no matter how worn out they are.

Other than its strong smell, kiwi is a great shoe polish that does exactly what it’s intended to. It is widely available and very easy to use.

Kiwi increases your shoe’s water resistance capabilities while nourishing and protecting its leather.

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