Why Do People Wear Shoes in The House? Common Reasons Explained

You may have recently visited a friend and realized that they wear shoes in their house. And you may be left wondering, why do people do this, especially if it’s a practice that you don’t follow?

Is it because of cultural, sanitation, or health reasons? Well, there are lots of reasons why people wear shoes in the house.

For some, you may have grown up doing so, others may have adopted this policy because of certain health conditions and others just feel comfy with shoes on.

For a fact, wearing shoes indoors isn’t for everyone. There are some who love this idea and others who are against it completely.

This is one of the scenarios where there is no in-between. Are you curious to know why people prefer to wear shoes in their house?

why do people wear shoes in the house

Main Reasons Why People Wear Shoes Indoors

  1. The Need to Protect One’s Feet

Not all of us know how to walk carefully. If your toes constantly bump into things then you definitely need to wear shoes for protection.

Also, if you have kids, or let’s say you are a bit clumsy, there will be lots of legos and toys on the ground. Most people wear shoes so that they don’t get injured when they step on things left on the floor.

  1. To Avoid Slipping

If you have taken a fall or two in your home then you will see the importance of wearing shoes. Because most homes have hardwood floors, it is easy to slip and fall.

That’s why many homeowners prefer to wear shoes indoors and ensure their safety.

  1. To Some People, Shoes Make Them Productive at Home

For those who are used to taking shoes off when they are resting, they prefer to do so only when they are going to bed. To this lot, shoes make them productive.

Whenever they have on a pair, they can perform house chores faster and be more productive than walking barefoot.

  1. Keeping Feet Warm During Winter

Walking barefoot on a floor when it’s 0 degrees is plain torture.

And even though most homeowners have integrated heating and cooling systems in their homes, it becomes a norm for homeowners to wear shoes to keep their feet warm.

For those who don’t have such heating systems in place, it is compulsory to wear shoes during winter.

  1. This Practice Suits a Busy Lifestyle

As funny as it may sound, very few people have the time to put their shoes back on when going outside. And that’s why this practice is so perfect for busy lifestyles.

  1. It’s a Cultural Thing

In Asia, you will find that there exists a strong ‘Shoes-Off’ policy in most homes. This is because their culture advocates for such practices.

However, in America and Europe, people are accustomed to wearing shoes indoors. It has become a normal practice that guests would find it weird when asked to remove their shoes when entering another person’s home.

I believe that culture is the main reason why people don’t wear shoes in their houses.

  1. Prevents Foot Deformities

Scientists say that walking barefoot on hard surfaces for long periods puts excess pressure on the feet and may cause deformities such as hammertoes and bunions.

It can also cause heel pain and tendonitis which are quite painful to endure.

Are There Disadvantages of Wearing Shoes in the House?

As popular as wearing shoes in the house is, it does come with its fair share of disadvantages. They include;

  1. It Makes Your Rugs and Carpets Wear Out Faster

It is okay to wear shoes on hardwood floor surfaces. But doing the same on an expensive rug or carpet makes it wear out faster.

Carpets and rugs have grown to become a popular home aesthetic. They allow you to personalize and beautify your home.

For those who are used to wearing shoes indoors, chances are their rugs wear out way faster than those who don’t. The only way to avoid this is by asking people to avoid stepping on the rug when wearing shoes.

  1. Your House Gets Dirty Easily

This is the biggest argument for homeowners who have a no-shoe policy in their houses. Wearing outdoor shoes indoors brings in a lot of dirt and dust.

Even if you fall under the white-collar type of employment, your shoes are exposed to a lot of dirt on the pathways, sidewalks, and even at the office.

You don’t have to work outdoors for your shoes to collect dirt and grime.

No matter how thorough you are when cleaning your house, wearing outdoor shoes indoors will bring in lots of dirt.

In the long run, you will find yourself cleaning your home almost daily for you to maintain proper sanitation levels.

  1. Outdoor Shoes Introduce Germs, Bacteria, and Toxins in Your Home

A regular walk down the street can expose your shoes to hundreds of different toxins, bacteria, and germs.

If our hands contract a lot of these elements when we go outside, picture how many toxins your shoe collects immediately you step outside the door.

From a study done by the University of Arizona, more than 400,000 types of bacteria were found on shoes.

Even if you disinfect your floors with the strongest chemicals, you can save yourself all that time and effort by simply not wearing outdoor shoes inside.

Exposing yourself to all these bacteria and toxins puts you and your family’s health at risk.

When you walk all over the kitchen with bacteria on your shoes, you will leave some behind and it can contaminate water or food.

The practice of wearing shoes in the house puts you at risk of fungal infections, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and other conditions.

More so, you are bringing allergens into your house and if you have small kids especially those that are still learning how to walk, you are putting their health at risk.

The Importance of House Shoes

Now that we have looked at the reasons why people wear shoes in the house and the dangers of doing so, what option do those who are used to this practice left with?

Bringing in dirty shoes that are still carrying germs and toxins to your house risks your health. The best option would be to invest in several pairs of house shoes that you will be wearing whenever you are at home.

House shoes offer several advantages. They will keep you warm during winter, protect your feet and toes from injuries, prevent slipping and foot deformities, ensure that you get to retain your culture of wearing shoes indoors, and accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Added advantages of indoor shoes include; living in a clean home free of germs, bacteria, and toxins. Also, your carpets will last much longer than they used to.

What Factors Should You Consider When Shopping for a House Shoe?

Most people are aware of the benefits of house shoes and because of their high demand, there are hundreds of house shoes on the market. Here are some factors you should consider when shopping for house shoes.

  • It should be gentle to your feet and offer comfort as well as practicality


  • A good pair of house shoes should be lightweight


  • The shoe should be able to accommodate everyday wear


  • The sole ought to offer stability and adequate grip even on slippery floors


  • To ensure ease of entry, a house shoe shouldn’t have laces but it may feature touch-fastening traps


  • Breathability is a must


  • Also, check on the fitting and ensure you get the right size


  • Pick a design and style that speaks your personality


  • The insole should offer support which is needed when performing house chores

What about Guests? – Should They Wear Shoes in Your Home?

Because of the reasons above, we can see that it is very logical for an individual to prefer wearing shoes in the house.

But, what if that person is a guest in your home and you have a no-shoe policy? Do you ask them to leave? Will that come out as rude?

Most people today are tolerant of other people’s cultures. And as a result, people won’t think it’s rude when you ask your guests to remove their shoes.

As a matter of fact, most people are willing to remove their shoes at another person’s house if requested to do so.

Obviously, you don’t know where your guest’s shoes have been and what they have stepped on, so asking them to remove their shoes politely is a gesture that you are conscious of your environment.

As you do so, please have an organized and reasonable place where your guests can keep their shoes.

Asking your guests to leave their shoes outside is a bit unfair. And you should also be understanding of the guests who can’t remove shoes because of certain health conditions.

Providing house slippers is a way of making your guests feel comfier. Because some are used to wearing shoes inside.

Despite the course of action you may decide to take about guests wearing shoes in your home, always clean and vacuum your floors regularly. Don’t forget to thoroughly disinfect your floors and carpets every week.

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