Should You Keep Shoes In Boxes?

Shoe boxes are often repurposed by school children for art projects. Adults sometimes repurpose them as gift boxes. Either way, it’s better than having them clutter up an already full landfill or worse, litter the side of the road.

Some people, particularly the ones who buy high-end brand name shoes, keep the box as storage for their shoes when not in use. Is this practical? Or is it just a way to remind anyone who happens to walk into your closet that, yes, you can afford Coach and Gucci? Bougie or common sense?

should you keep shoes in boxes

Is It Better To Keep Shoes In Boxes?

This is best done with shoes that are rarely worn (such as “Sunday best” shoes) or shoes that are only worn in certain conditions (such as rain boots). Keeping shoes in the box can keep them protected and away from dust and moisture.

However, if you put your shoes in a box for storage you should make sure they’re clean first. Otherwise, all you did was give bacteria a warm, dark place to multiply. The shoes should also be very dry before stored in a box or they will rot.

Do Shoe Last Longer In The Box?

It works for long term storage. Your shoebox is built with the purpose of storing shoes. This makes it the most ideal choice of storage area for long term shoe storage. Storing your shoes in the box defends the shoe from the hazards of dust, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. When you use a plastic shoebox, first see to it that it is totally dry to keep mildew from growing.

How Long Do Shoes Last In The Box?

They can last six months to a year. Keep in mind that your shoes do need air or they will deteriorate.

Can You Store Shoes In Plastic Boxes?

There is some conflicting info out there on this subject. They are an attractive choice in that they are sturdy, stackable and a clear plastic box is conveniently seen through. Certainly, no dust or moisture is getting in.

However, this also means no moisture is getting out. If you really want to use plastic boxes to store your shoes, make sure they are good and dry first. You might want to throw in a silica gel packet or two just to be on the safe side.

How To Put Shoes In A Box?

This method is suitable for packing shoes while moving, but can also be used for storage:

  • If your shoes are being packed for moving you should use lots of acid-free paper to keep them in more or less one place during transit to prevent scuffing.
  • Stuffing the shoes with acid-free paper will help them keep their shape.
  • Wrap each shoe in packing paper to protect them from rubbing or scuffing.
  • Put them in the box with the tops together and the toes pointed outward in opposite directions; the same way they come in the box in the store.
  • If you’re worried about moths, cedar chips are a better choice than conventional mothballs.

Is Shrink Wrapping Shoes Bad?

Shrinkwrap sucks. When I give someone a DVD or CD as a present, I take the shrink wrap off before wrapping it so they don’t have to deal with it. It isn’t great for shoes either. It accelerates the decay of plasticizers in the midsole.

Leather needs to breathe or it turns yellow or worse, crumbles away. Some people who like sneakers with icy soles (made out of translucent material) will cover just that part of the shoe in plastic wrap and lay them in the sun to reduce yellowing.

How To Shrink Wrap Shoes?

Must you? Well, if you insist. I need to make my word count anyway. You will need silica gel, plastic wrap bags big enough for your shoes, and a heat gun. Follow these steps:

  • Before you completely seal up the shoes, put some silica gel packs inside the shoes. This will save them from crumbling.
  • Begin by covering the sheet wrapper about the shoe or putting it in a plastic bag.
  • Close up the open end(s) for the time being with easy-peel off tape and see that the corner edge of the bag is at the toe of the shoe.
  • Utilize a good quality heat gun or hairdryer with decent heat flow. Turn it to the maximum heat level and heat dry the entire surface of the shrink-wrapped shoe.
  • The shrink wrap will immediately stick to the shoe. Blow-dry until every part of the sheet is clinging to the shoe and it makes it an airtight packing.
  • Remember not to hold the heated airflow too long on the shoe because it can damage the shoe.
  • Store the shoes in a cool, dry place with absolutely no sunlight.

Are Shoe Boxes Worth Keeping?

Storing shoes in their original box does have advantages. Besides the ones already listed, if you plan to sell your shoes later, they will be worth more if they come with the original box.

Are Shoe Boxes Recyclable?

Like most paper and cardboard products, they can. You may have to break them down first. Also make sure it is not covered in saturated dyes, food particles, plastics, or wax. Corrugated cardboard can be used as compost if it doesn’t have any dyes or lamination.

How To Reuse Shoe Boxes?

As mentioned before, there are art projects that can be done with them, use them as gift boxes, or transport objects that are too edible/fragile/valuable to trust with baggage handlers. They can also be used to store odds and ends like make-up, toiletries, pens, art supplies, or other small items.

If you have a small pet, they can use it as a bed. When said small pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, the shoe box can be used as a coffin. If your picnics are small, intimate dates for two, you can remake a shoebox into a picnic basket.

If you feel particularly crafty, you can make little games like mazes or foosball with them. With a magnifying glass and a little cutting and measuring, you can turn a shoebox into a smartphone projector.


If you have some high-end shoes that don’t get used frequently you might be able to store them in their box. Just remember to keep them dry and away from sunlight.

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