Are Blundstones Worth It? What You Need To Know

If you are considering buying Blundstones boots, at the back of your mind, you are probably thinking is this shoe worth it? Well, being one of the lightest, comfiest, most durable, and stylish shoes on the planet. Blundstones are worth every penny.

This isn’t your ordinary boot. It can last years of daily use even on the roughest of conditions. Getting a pair of Blunnies might be the wisest decision you have ever made all your life.

For those who only wanted to hear this, then go right ahead and add this impressive shoe to your collection. However, if you are the inquisitive type and want to know more about Blundstone and why they are worth parting with a couple of hundred bucks, keep on reading this review.

are blundstones worth it

Blundstones Review

In this review about Blunnies, I am going to cover its worthiness on style, durability, and comfort. But before we get to that, let us analyze the pros and cons of this classic shoe.

What are the Pros and Cons of Blundstones?


  • Features a stylish and classic look that will last for years
  • With Blunnies, you forget about tying laces all the time
  • Quality is guaranteed
  • A durable shoe that will help you conquer the world
  • An ankle elastic feature that minimizes fatigue


  • Soles have to be replaced after a while
  • And it’s difficult to re-sole

What Do You Need to Know about Blundstone Boots?

  • Blundstones Timeless Style

Getting this expensive shoe adds life to your rack. As it sits alongside other shoes, you won’t be able to help yourself but admire its timeless style. Paired up with the durability factor, Blunnies are quite stylish.

When you step out of your home, you will have heads turning wherever you go. The reason being, people really appreciate the utilitarian boot design.

It looks simple but equally as sophisticated. It bridges the time gap between hipsters and old souls that’s why it’s a popular choice for everyone, despite their age differences.

Bearing in mind how people pay lots of money only for ‘style’, Blunnies offer you that and much more. That’s why they are the best shoes for all times.

  • The Durability of Blunnies

One of the key reasons why Blunnies are worth every buck is how durable they are. Unlike the average shoe that starts to wear off in a month or two, Blunnies will last for years. This is the type of shoe that you will outgrow.

Most people thought that Blundstones would lower their quality when they moved production from Tasmania to Asia a decade ago. To everyone’s surprise, they retained the quality of their production.

Having tried on different boot brands in the past, none has lasted as long as my Blundstones. I got them back in 2014 and they are still standing strong. I have however re-soled them twice. I can’t emphasize enough how durable Blunnies are. My walking habits aren’t quite gentle.

I am the kind of person you will find kicking trees, walking in the mud, exploring jungles and trails. Despite all that, the level of wear is quite minimal. More so, the thread life of this shoe is surprisingly long.

  • What about Comfort?

Well, the level of comfort offered by these shoes depends heavily on your perception of comfort. From a personal point of view, I think that Blunnies are averagely comfortable.

Most of my Blundstones buddies never complain about any sort of discomfort. I have however read reviews online that hint at Blunnies’ discomfort.

Compared to other boots, in its price range, Blundstones need to step up their game in terms of comfort. With that being said, a pair of Blunnies are averagely comfortable. You can comfortably walk for miles without getting tired.

  • Is It Possible to Re-sole Blundstones?

Blundstones aren’t Goodyear-welted, implying that you can’t re-sole them. However, there are special cobblers that can re-sole Blunnies. As a matter of fact, doing so allows you to get a better sole than that of the original company.

Because such cobblers are rare, you may have to look for them and if not close-by ship it to their addresses for a re-sole.

The Top 4 Best Blundstones

  1. The 990Best Choice for Work

Blundstone Work Series 990 ,Black, 5 UK/6 M US

Love wearing boots to work, get yourself the 990, and enjoy comfort like no other. I have never been a fan of tying laces ever since I was young. And if you did too, you can enjoy the convenience of wearing 990’s to work.

Other than that they feature a great rugged design, shock-resistant soles, and a steel toe. The 990 is made from quality materials, especially the sole is built to handle daily use.

  1. Dress Chelsea’sBest Looking Blundstones

Blundstone Women's Dress Series Chelsea Boot, Rustic Black, 6

Chelsea boots are the most popular boots right now. Everyone has a pair because of how good this shoe looks. They are available in different colors and sizes. Other than their beautiful design, these shoes are quite versatile and feature a chisel toe profile.

You can put on Dress Chelseas with a pair of khakis or jeans and I have to agree that this shoe looks amazing especially if you pick a versatile color.


  1. The 550Best Casual Blundstones

Blundstone BL562 Crazy Horse AU 3 (US Women's 6) Medium

Another popular pair of Blunnies are the 550’s. This unisex design is quite popular amongst the younger generation because of its casual appeal. It also comes in different variants and colors. It’s also quite comfy and durable.


  1. Blundstone Thermal BootsBest for Outdoor Recreation

Blundstone Men's BL584 Rustic Ankle Boot,Rustic Brown,4 UK/5 M US

Don’t let this boot’s simple design trick you into thinking that it’s an average shoe. This lace-free leather shoe is built for the outdoors.

Mostly used during winters, these shoes will keep you warm when fat biking, hiking, or even snowshoeing. Other than that, this is the kind of shoe you can also travel or even go to the office with.

Capable of adapting to different environments, this is all-purpose footwear. It looks amazing and you can put it on with a pair of jeans or khakis. Durability is also amongst the primary characteristics of this shoe.

There are pull tugs at the top which allow smooth entry and the lace-free feature enables owners to skip the hustle of always touching snow when tying shoes. They are equally as comfortable and a worthy investment for a shoe within this price range.

Blundstone Boots – The Best Shoes You Will Ever Own?

For those who have never owned a pair of Blunnies, when shopping for these boots, the price range will leave you questioning – are Blundstone worth it? Boots have always been a top choice for many people.

The design of the boots is quite versatile. You can go to the office or hiking with them. With there being hundreds of boot brands out there, think of Blundstones as the Rolls Royce of boots.

This premium boot company is 150 years old and has been constantly manufacturing versatile, stylish, and high-quality boots. Ask a Blunnies lover and they will tell you how comfortable and versatile these boots are.

What I Love Most about Blundstone Boots?

There are so many features and characteristics of Blundstone boots to like. Ranging from the two loops at the top that allow you to easily slide your feet into the elastic side paneling that offers additional room for socks as well as breathing space.

The comfy footbed at the bottom of the Blundstone is to die for. Not only can it support hours of trekking but it’s strong enough to withstand rough terrains. The boot features improved traction to ensure stable running and walking even on slippery floors.

Other than the enhanced functionality, Blundstone boots are available in various finishes, with the most popular ones being the glossy and matte finish.

The leather covering is water-resistant and is responsible for the durability feature. It will also keep you warm when it’s cold. It’s also worth noting that this is quite a stylish boot and there are unisex options.

The firm toe box at the tip of the issue is there to enhance safety, especially for those who work in construction sites. Surprisingly enough, these boots are quite lightweight. This isn’t the kind of shoe that leaves you feeling worn-out after taking a walk.

And when attending to official matters, these boots are easy to clean. I strongly recommend getting a leather cleaner as it gives your Blunnies a beautiful shine.

Blundstone boots have become an essential part of my wardrobe to the point that my friends tell me I look weird without them. Ever since I got my first pair, I immediately forgot about my other pair of boots and decided to give them to my little brother.

Though a bit costly, Blundstone boots are one of a kind. They are light, stylish, comfy, and durable. This is the type of shoe that you can wear for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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