Are Jordans True To Size? – Find Your Perfect Fit

You landed on this article to see if Jordan’s are true to size. Like many answers in life, it depends. Mainly on the model of Jordan, you are shopping for. For example, the Jordan A1 fits true to size, but the A4 run a little small. Continue reading as we go through all of the Jordan’s shoe by shoe and let you know how they will fit.

Are you considering treating yourself to a pair of Jordans and are unsure what size to purchase? Perhaps you are buying them as a gift and want to be sure you select the right size? Or are you just curious about whether these sneakers are true to size or not? 

Whatever the reason is that brought you here today, we know how frustrating it can be not knowing what size shoe to buy! Especially when you are purchasing online, you want to make sure that you have the correct size to avoid disappointment when it arrives.

And working out whether they will be true to size or not can be tricky. It leaves many of us nervous and scared to purchase new shoes online and puts us off having what we truly want. 

Well, no more! We are here today to tell you if Jordans are true to size or not and help you make your decision and get the sneakers that you want today! Just keep reading to find out all you need to know about Jordans and their sizing. 

Are Jordans true to size?

Let’s get straight into it! Jordan’s can be true to size, but it depends on the model that you choose. Some Jordans are true to size, allowing you to purchase the shoe size you normally wear and enjoy your sneakers, whereas, in others, you will need to size up or down. 

Now, don’t worry; we are here to tell you which models need to be sized up and which you can purchase in your usual shoe size. We will look at each model to help you get the answers you need. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Jordans A1 – How do they fit?

Jordans A1, the first edition of the sneaker, fit true to size! Not only do you purchase the shoe in your usual size, but you can enjoy a soft and well-padded sneaker; as a result, no matter the color you purchase!

The fit of these shoes is a little snug, so if you enjoy a looser fit, by all means, go up half a size, but generally, we found it wasn’t necessary. 

Jordans A4 – How do they fit? 

The Jordans 4 edition fits a little differently, and you will need to go up half a size. These chunky sneakers might feel a little too snug if you stick with your usual shoe size, which is why we recommend sizing up. Trust us, that half a size will make a world of difference and give you the right fit! 

Jordans A5 – How do they fit?

The jordans A5 can be purchased true to size! Purchase your usual sneaker size and enjoy a comfortable fit! The comfortable sneaker is a little roomier than other shoes, but you can rectify this, thanks to the lacing! Simply pull and enjoy the tightness you want. 

Some people with narrow feet might wish to size down half a size if they prefer to adjust the fit with the laces. It’s an entirely personal choice, although one we don’t think is entirely necessary. You might find it easier to pop into a store and try on both sizes to see what feels better for your feet; after all, everyone’s feet are different! 

Jordans A6 – How do they fit?

The A6 Jordan doesn’t have much padding in, leaving you with some dead space that makes the sneakers feel a bit too roomy. We’ve noticed toe box creases and an empty feeling around your toes that no one wants! To avoid this, size down half a size and enjoy a much better fit! 

The lacing system does allow you to tighten the shoes, but we found it did little to tighten the sneaker unless we dropped half a size. You might not need to if you have exceptionally wide feet, but generally, sizing down half a size should allow you to find the perfect fit!

Jordans A9 – How do they fit?

It’s best to size up half a size for the A9 Jordans! Although most people will say stick true to size with these Jordans, we think you need the extra spacing that moving up half a size will offer you. The exception here is those with narrow feet; sticking true to size with the A9s should be ideal for you. 

So why does everyone else need to size up? Well, the upper construction and mold arch give the sides a tight feel and even pinch your feet. When wearing, especially over long periods, it becomes uncomfortable with the boto style sneaker feeling stiff. Save yourself the pain and jump up half a size with these!

Jordans A11 – How do they fit? 

Rejoice, the A11s fit true to size! You can simply purchase these sneakers in your usual size and enjoy comfort! The mesh wraps and patent leather wraps around your feet perfectly without being excessively roomy. 

If you do like a looser fit (for wider feet), these should break in and loosen up a little after some wear, so stick with them! Alternatively, if your feet are quite wide, you can pop into the store and try the half a size bigger and see if that’s a better fit for you or not. 

Jordans A12 – How do they fit?

The A12s can become a bit loose after you’ve worn them for a while, which is why we say to go down half a size. They might be a little tight at the start, but as time goes on, they will break in and deliver the comfortable fit you want. 

Opting to go down half a size ensures that you have the comfortable and perfect fit for as long as possible, extending the lifespan of these sneakers. 

Jordans A13 – How do they fit?

When it comes to the Jordans A13, we recommend jumping down half a size. These sneakers tend to run a little big, giving you lots of extra room that you don’t need. These sneakers have better grip, but to feel the benefit, you will want a true-to-size fit, so size down half a size. 

If you have wide feet, though, we recommend going with your usual size for the perfect fit! 

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our Jordans journey today. As you can see, the fit of Jordans varies depending on the model of the sneaker, with many needing you to shift half a size up or down. Be sure to check which model you are interested in and get the size according to our suggestions today. 

Remember, nothing is better than popping in and trying the sneakers on yourself! After all, every foot is different, and you want the best fit for your feet and your feet only!

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