What Color Shoes to Wear With Black Dress to Wedding – Top 6 Combinations

Who doesn’t love wearing black? Regardless of the occasion or season, a black dress is undoubtedly a statement on its own. Although it doesn’t require much accessorizing, there’s no denying that one thing you need with a black dress is the right type of shoes for that wow factor. Keeping the latest trends in mind, this guide explores what color shoes to wear with a black dress to wedding.

1. Beige/Nude Shoes

Pairing a black dress with nude or beige shoes can be a go-to. Rose gold is also equally great. Of course, your shoes matching your skin tone means your legs will seem elongated, allowing your dress to be the showstopper. Nonetheless, blush and beige shoe shades are eye-catching no matter your skin tone. They’re also more subdued compared to donning a pair of off-white or true white heels.

2. Silver/Metallic Shoes

You can opt for metallic or silver shoes if you’re going for a more neutral look. However, when paired with a similar colored handbag and jewelry, metallic shoes are a head-turner.

3. Black Shoes

Let’s face it. Black on black never goes out of style. Wearing an all-black outfit oozes elegance that can double as a chic look to the office, a wedding, dinner, or a formal event. In addition, you can play with materials and textures to have more fun with your black shoes. A few options to consider are velvet heels, stiletto heels, and patent sandals to spice up your all-black fit.

4. White Heels

Black shoes can be paired with a black dress. So, why not pair it with white shoes for a monochrome look? A pair of dainty white strappy heels can make the perfect combination with your chic black dress. For a stark contrast, you can also accessorize with a white handbag and white jewelry. Best of all, white shoes mesh well with any dress or outfit color, making them a staple in any woman’s shoe closet.

5. Black & White

If black or white shoes blend well with a black dress, why not give a black & white shoe combo a go? Although the shade of black will mesh well with your black dress, it’s the white contrast that will turn heads.

6. Brown Shoes

If you’re wondering whether you can pair brown shoes with a black dress, the answer is yes! A brown pair of shoes with a black dress exudes a more bohemian, casual look when you want to keep things simple but elegant.

7. A Pop of Color

Vibrantly colored shoes pair well with a black dress. Although any color of shoes will compliment a black dress, the brighter and more saturated the color, the more the wow factor. If you’re familiar with the color wheel, any secondary or primary color will look incredible and make for a stark contrast. However, what color shoes should you wear with a black dress? Let’s delve into a few options that will turn heads.


It’s unarguably the most popular color to pair with a black outfit, particularly blood red heels. It’s a rich contrast, prevailing pairing, making it a showstopper, especially with a red handbag to match.

Bright Green

Granted, most people don’t think of adding vibrantly colored green shoes to an outfit, but they’re missing out. Apple green, for instance, looks smashing with a black dress, adding a beautiful contrast that will get people staring. Furthermore, green is an unconventional shoe color and a great option to switch things from ubiquitous red or pink options.


As a popular color, pink deserves mention. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your black dress through your shoes while making a fashion statement, then pink is your best bet. Whether it’s a softer shade or hot pink, you’ll be wearing the more fashionable color on your feet to compliment your stunning black outfit.

Animal Print

If you’re on the quest for a playful shade of shoes to don with a black dress, then animal prints are right up your alley. Granted, they don’t exude the same level of contrast as vibrant colors. However, cheetah, snake, or leopard prints will infuse texture into your outfit while maintaining a neutral look. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds.


As a trendy color, blue has the uncanny ability to creep into low and high fashion looks one season after another due to its hue’s staying power. Furthermore, like red, blue can contrast and blend in with most looks. In sandal or pump form, a pair of blue shoes spices up an all-black or all-white outfit, easily transitioning from a day look to a night look.

In instances where red is overly risqué for specific events due to the theme, blue is a great alternative to consider. If you gravitate more towards pairing blue shoes with a black dress, shades of blue that pair well are deep baby blue, turquoise, and royal blue.


Whether it’s a bold neon yellow, sunshine yellow, or an orangey hue (mustard), it looks incredible with any black dress/outfit.


If you’re looking to break out of the generic ruby red mold, coral is a great alternative to consider. It’s an unexpected shoe color that’s making a comeback with a vengeance in the fashion world. As a red-orange hue, there’s no denying that coral meshes well with an all-white or all-black dress or outfit.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a wedding, a dinner, a cocktail party, or a formal event, you can never go wrong with a black dress, no matter the occasion. You can easily don the same dress with countless looks by accessorizing differently, opting for different shoes, and layering with unique pieces. Now that you know what color shoes to wear with a black dress to weddings, you can go out and make a statement anywhere you go.

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