Pair of Shoes That Go With Everything – Trust Me, It Works

If you’re no stranger to a well-curated minimalist wardrobe, then you understand the importance of having a few go-to shoes that you can pair with nearly anything. While we recommend sticking with neutral colors such as black, white, and tan, there’s no harm in trying new things, right? Let’s delve into other pairs of shoes that go with everything.

1. Nude Boots

If you’re on the quest for a favorite go-to that meshes well with nearly any outfit, then nude boots wrap up your search. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to versatility and comfort. Therefore, you can dress up even the comfiest outfit and spend the day in them without itching to take them off. Nude boots are also cost-effective, as the only time you’ll need to replace them is when they wear out.

2. White Sneakers

It’s no secret that the classic white sneaker has made a comeback in the fashion world, including the chunky Women’s K-Swiss CMFs that kids used to wear back in the early 2000s and late 90s. While you might own a pair of white converse shoes, this white sneaker might infuse excitement into your life. They’re not as tacky and massive as those you probably donned in middle school when you wanted to be a Spice Girl.

3. Black Loafers

When you hear the word ‘loafers’ the first thing that comes to mind is something unsightly and chunky that you wouldn’t want to be a part of since it stems from the word ‘loaf.’ Nonetheless, a pair of black loafers (shudders) or black mules is a classic. They are a must-have staple for a minimalist wardrobe because you get versatility and simplicity rolled into one and could be the most hassle-free shoes you stumble upon.

4. Black Pumps

There’s no denying that classic black pumps have been a go-to for a multitude of women for decades. Although strutting in a pair of these shoes might not be your minimalist cup of tea, there’s no harm in giving it a try. You can pair black pumps with a black dress and everything in between, making them a staple.

5. Black Boots

It’s a staple that’s equally as important as nude or tan boots. Of course, you can switch between tan and black boots and be content for the rest of your life. Nonetheless, if you reside in a four-season state and delight in taking advantage of fall outfits, a pair of black boots will tickle your fancy.

6. Nude Sandal Wedges

Committing to heels for hours on end is something every woman wants to avoid. Nude sandal wedges are right up your alley when you want to look dressy without the agony and struggle of donning high heels. This casual shoe supports your feet, enhancing comfort while making you look taller. They are also aesthetically pleasing.

You can also have a pair of black wedges as your minimalist staple uniform. They come in handy for a classic all-inclusive vacation when you want to pack light or a summer go-to. Black or nude sandal wedges a versatile option to have on hand during warmer weather when you want to glam up a bit. You can pair them with black pants, white jeans, a black dress, and everything in between.

7. Tan Flats

Let’s face it. At times, you prefer not to wear heels for those errands where you’re going to be running around all day or a quick run for coffee and grocery shopping. Here’s where the classic ‘ballet shoe’ comes into play. In brown, nude, or black colors, you can pair this classic pair of shoes with skinny jeans of any color, a romper, a jumpsuit, wide-legged pants, or a maxi dress.

8. Black Sandal Heels

When it comes to minimalist outfits, one thing that is common in style is the simple and classic black sandals. If flip-flops have been your go-to for months or years, it’s never too late to switch up your style with a pair of black sandal heels that blend with any outfit.

9. Simple Black Sandals

These are a must-have in any woman’s closet. Whether you’re going to the movies, dinner, or a summer party, simple black sandals will match any outfit you wear. They can also be a lifesaver when you’ve been partying for hours on end in a pair of heels, and your feet cannot withstand any more agony. They’ll swoop in and save the day, allowing you to be out for longer while rocking a more casual look.

10. Knee-High Boots

While over-the-knee footwear usually goes in and out of style as the seasons come and go, knee-high boots mesh well with any outfit, ranging from a short skirt, jeans, and a short dress to your go-to leather or cotton leggings. They infuse more style to any outfit than any pair of short boots ever could. In addition, opting for a suede or leather black, brown, or tan pair of knee-highs will guarantee they remain timeless enough to be worn year-round.

11. Slide Sandals

Nothing beats having a pair of chic slide sandals that you can slip on anytime in warmer weather without giving it much thought. They are the adult, more sophisticated version of your Old Navy flip-flops.

12. Strappy Sandals

A sophisticated pair of strappy sandals in neutral colors such as brown, white, or black is one of the most versatile forms of footwear for warm weather. You can pair this essential shoe with anything ranging from a T-shirt dress, a romper, a pair of jeans, and wide-legged pants, to a long or short dress. They’re comfy and add oomph to your outfit anytime you need it.

The Bottom Line

With these 12 cute pairs of shoes that include sandals, sneakers, heels, and boots, you can change your entire outfit or refresh your look, depending on what rows your boat. As simple yet sophisticated options, they mesh well with any outfit which is your endgame.

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