Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

Buy shoes from a goat? You’d think a goat would eat shoes! Goat is actually the name of an app that you can use to buy shoes.

does goat sell fake shoes

What Is Goat App?

Goat is a global platform founded in 2015 as a place to buy and sell sneakers but it has since branched out to include apparel. The sellers list the items they have for sale on Goat and the buyers can peruse over millions of listings. It’s much like Amazon, eBay, and other online sellers.

You click on buy, enter your contact info, select a payment option and your purchase will soon be on its way to you. They accept American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa as well as most online methods of payment.

Who Owns Goat App?

The cofounders of the Goat App are Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. The two college buddies founded the app because, simply, they were bored. They wanted to quit their dull corporate jobs and go into business for themselves. The first few attempts didn’t quite pan out.

Their idea for a shoe selling app not only panned out but netted them a cool $60 million. They called the app Goat in honor of the basketball star and popular shoe icon Michael Jordan, known as Greatest Of All Time.

Where Is Goat App Located?

The corporate headquarters for Goat is located at Culver City, California. It can be found at 3960 Landmark Street.

Is Goat Legit And Reliable?

It is the real deal. In fact, it is one of the most reliable platforms for selling and buying sneakers today. In fact, the founders got the idea after Sugano was duped into buying a pair of counterfeit Air Jordan 5 Grapes.

Today, Goat lays claim to $100 million in funding, twelve million users, a vast inventory of more than 400,000 pairs of shoes for sale, and an excess of six hundred employees.

Is Goat A Good App To Buy Shoes?

Customers have found it reliable. They sell used shoes as well as new so it’s a good place to look for classics that are no longer manufactured. You can make a bid or buy them straight out. Goat will authenticate them for you before shipping.

Their site promises the order will arrive between seven to ten business days but some find it comes sooner. The app has a detailed “Order Progress” feature that lets you know where your purchase is.

How Does Goat Work For Buyers?

The sellers, which can include retailers and boutiques, list their wares for sale on Goat as the buyers have their choice of over a million listings. All resale products are required to ship to Goat for verification first to make sure that they are the real deal and are just as described.

Once verified, Goat will ship them to you. If it is found that the product is counterfeit or not as the seller described, they will notify you and provide a total refund.

How Does Goat Bidding Work?

The bidding works much like on eBay or StockX. You can bid or buy instantly.

Can You Cancel A Bid On Goat?

If the bid has not yet been accepted, you can. The app will let you know if you can cancel or not.

How To Confirm A Sale On Goat?

Are you looking to sell shoes on Goat? If someone bought the item, you confirm the sale by tapping the Generate Label. Goat will then send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label.

Every shipping label comes with a tracking number that is connected to the order for Goat and you to track. Keep in mind that items have to be shipped in precisely the same condition in which they were listed to start with.

Does Goat Have Promo Codes?

There are some available on CouponBirds. Goat also has a sale section with great deals.

Are Shoes On Goat Used Or New?

They sell both.

Are Used Shoes On Goat Good?

They are guaranteed to be authentic and in good condition.

Does Goat Clean Used Shoes?

Thoroughly so. Every pair of used sneakers is not only completely authenticated but cleaned by trained specialists. The cleaning process includes scrubbing the shoes, removing lint from lining, washing shoelaces, and smoothing out all of the creases in the leather. They’ll be so clean they’ll almost seem new.

What Is Goat Clean?

Goat Clean is a relatively new program offered by Goat. When pre-owned shoes are offered to be sold on their app they are professionally cleaned, graded, and photographed. Every pair ships swiftly and directly from Goat and are returnable for site credit.

Are Goat Shoes Real And Authentic?

The initial purpose of the Goat app is not only to buy shoes online but to guarantee the real deal. Goat offers buyers and sellers of sneakers an authenticity guarantee using a “ship to verify” model. Goat is more than just the middleman. They take the time to verify shoes to prevent the sale of counterfeits.

How Does Goat Verify Shoes?

Goat helps buyers and sellers using deep learning to verify shoe authenticity with a “ship to verify” model. When a shoe is bought the seller sends it to Goat for verification. Once they are authenticated, the company releases the funds to the seller and the product gets shipped to the buyer.

They use a good deal of various heuristics and data points to verify whether or not the shoe is authentic. Goat sees the most sneakers in the world, making them a leader in data collection around sneakers. It’s pretty easy for them to tell the difference between a real and a fake.

How Long Does Goat Take To Authenticate Shoes?

It doesn’t take them very long at all. It takes maybe a day or two.

Can You Get Scammed On Goat?

There is no doubt that Goat is a legit site. The chances of getting scammed are exceedingly low. The team in charge of the app does assure users they do everything they can possibly do to verify the authenticity of wares sold via their platform. Goat’s strict quality control protects customers from getting scammed.

What Happens If Goat Finds A Fake?

If Goat finds that the sold sneakers are inauthentic, the buyer gets a full refund. The seller has the option of having the shoes sent back to them at the expense of having the shoes disposed of. Shipping costs must be paid in advance within two weeks. Goat is willing to give a seller the benefit of the doubt, but only so far.

What Happens If A Seller Does Not Confirm On Goat?

If a sale is not confirmed within twenty-four hours of the order being placed and shipped within three business days of the order being placed, it will be canceled. Wares returned to the seller will only be sent to the return address indicated on the profile they provided to the app at the time the process is returned.

If the seller does not use the prepaid shipping label given to them by Goat, Goat claims no liability for any items that are lost, missing, or damaged. The seller must follow the guidelines or Goat cannot take responsibility.

Does Goat Refund Your Money?

They do give refunds if and when they find that a pair of sold shoes are inauthentic. After the shoes have been shipped out to the buyer, the buyer has three days to return them for a refund should they change their mind.

How Long Does It Take For Goat To Refund?

It could take seven to ten business days for the refund to reflect on your billing cycle.

How Long Does It Take To Get Shoes From Goat?

It will generally take around seven to ten business days for sneaker orders to be delivered to a buyer located in the United States. This is because it takes around three to four business days to get to Goat, A full business day or two to authenticate and three or four business days to get the item shipped out to you.

Can You Buy More Than One Shoe On Goat?

You can, but there may be an extra charge due to the extra weight.

Where Does Goat Ship From?

They are shipped from their facilities from 3960 Landmark Street, Culver City, California 90232. They have acquired Flight Club but no one talks about that. Oh, wait, we can talk about Flight Club. It’s another online retailer where it is possible to shop for or sell rare sneakers.

What Carrier Does Goat Use?

They use FedEx, UPS, and good old-fashioned United States Postal service.

What Is Goat Instant Ship?

“Instant” items are pre-verified and authenticated. They are then shipped directly from Goat’s facilities to you. Orders of “Instant” items come with a 6.5% priority processing fee.

How Much Does Goat Charge For Shipping?

Shipping Costs are forty United States dollars. This does not include insurance costs or other applicable taxes. You might also need to pay a shipment disbursement fee.

Does Goat Have Free Shipping?

No. Actually, due to increased shipping costs from their carriers, Goat may have to add another twelve dollars to their domestic shipping costs.

Can I Track My Order On Goat?

It is a feature of the app many users like best. You can check the orders tab on your profile to see if your order was shipped. If it was, it is possible for you to check the tracking number to see where said order is located currently. If it was delivered and you have yet to receive your order you are encouraged to contact Goat for further information.

Can You Return Shoes On Goat?

There is a “Request Return” button on the app. You have three days to decide whether or not you want to make a return. It can take up to seven days and shipping costs are not refundable.

How Does Goat Work For Sellers?

It’s actually easier than on eBay. Click on the tab with the price tag and you will have the option “Sell Your Sneakers”. All you need to do then is look up the SKU or model number for the shoes that you want to sell.

You will find it either on the shoe tag if it’s a Nike or on the box if it’s Adidas. You will be asked a few questions. It will behoove you to be totally honest. You may be penalized if it turns out you were less than honest.

What Percentage Does Goat Take?

They take a comparatively low 9.5% commission. This is better than eBay’s 13% and far better than the 20% cut Flight Club takes.

How To Use Goat Credit?

You can cash out for a 2.9% fee. It’s better to just use the credit on the app. Goat credit is very easy to use. It is automatically applied to your purchase.


Goat does not sell fake shoes. In fact, their whole purpose is to guarantee that the buyer gets just what they paid for. You want to sell counterfeit Jordans? Sell them out of your hatchback in a back alley. Goat is not interested in fakes.


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