Merino Shoes Vs. Allbirds: Helpful Comparison Guide

merino shoes vs allbirds

Despite the fact that both shoe brands use the same material, merino wool, these two footwear companies make different types and styles of shoes. Allbirds, for years, has been the go-to company for most people whenever they want Merino Shoes. However, Merino Shoes, even though they are a new brand in the footwear market, they … Read more

Birkenstock Vs. Crocs: Which One Would Suit You Best?

birkenstock vs crocs

What kind of shoes do you wear when you don’t really want to wear shoes? Shoes such as Birkenstocks and Crocs come to mind. They are casual, minimalist shoes. If you’re going to the beach or just somewhere with a “No shoes, no service” sign, these are the things to wear. Who can say which … Read more

Can Nike Slides Shrink In The Heat?

can nike slides shrink in the heat

When many people think about Nike they think of sneakers, athletic shoes. But what about footwear for after sports? After the game, the players have to go to a locker room and shower with a bunch of other guys whose feet may not be too squeaky clean. After all, it’s called athlete’s foot because it’s … Read more