Are Clarks Shoes Good? What You Need To Know

Are you the kind of person who does not wear any shoes that comes your way? Are you looking for a brand of shoes that can meet your tastes and preference? A brand that you will fall in love with?

After reading the information below, you can rest assured of searching no more. If you have never heard about Clarks, you might be asking, are Clarks shoes good? Here is what you need to know.

are clarks shoes good

Who Owns Clarks Shoes?

Clarks was founded in Somerset, England, by two brothers, namely James and Cyrus Clark, in the year 1825. The journey started with the production of rugs from local sheepskin, and after three years, that is 1828, James came up with an authentic pair of Clarks shoes from the offcuts of the rugs they were producing.

In short, Clarks is a private firm, and its owners are the Clarks family. I am sure the two brothers believed in the power of discovery and knew that a long journey starts with one step when they started this. You can see the far the company has come after about two centuries now.

Where Are Clarks Shoes Made?

Clarks shoes are manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is among the largest shoe production companies in the UK, and it has been producing the finest shoes for more than two centuries now.

Mention Clarks in the UK and even a kid will understand what you are talking about. The other countries where Clarks shoes are manufactured include China, Vietnam, Portugal, and India, among others. I am very sure that you were keen to find out whether your country would be on the list, but unfortunately, you didn’t find it.

This should not keep you worried. Right. Getting a pair of Clarks shoes, even without being a resident of any of these countries is easy. But you could be asking how? All you need to do is to make an online purchase and get your desired pair of shoes.

Is Clarks A Good Shoe Brand?

Most people, especially those who have wide feet, do complain as a result of a lack of comfortable shoes. Some of these ladies cannot wear a shoe with a pointed shape or one that is hard.

Most of these ladies are very much comfortable with Clarks. The fact that Clarks have been making shoes since 1825 means that their shoes are nothing else but high quality.

There are many companies whose shoes are of high quality, but Clarks outdoes them in that their shoes are comfortable and durable. Rest assured of finding a pair of shoes that meets all your tastes and preferences regardless of the size of your feet.

What Are Clarks Shoes Known For?

There are those types of shoes that Clarks is known for, including the desert boot, which is an ankle height boot that is distinctively designed. Other than being known for producing this kind of shoe, there are other various qualities that Clarks shoes are known for. Here are some of them:

  • Durability

Many people associate Clarks with the production of long-lasting shoes, and I also do. Most brands of shoes you find in the market today will not give you services for long. I bet you need to purchase something that will be worth the money you are giving.

Most people have opted for Clarks since they say you need to buy several pairs of different shoes that meet your taste, and you are good to go. If you buy a pair of shoes from Clarks you will be saving money in the long run since you will not have to go to the market every now and then to look for a new pair of shoes.

  • Versatility In Shoe Sizes

The other thing that Clarks is known for is its ability to produce different sizes of shoes. When producing their shoes, Clarks has the well-being of every person in their mind. Are you tired of searching for a great, stylish shoe that fits you comfortably, look no more for Clarks have got you sorted. Buy a pair of shoes from them and you can be sure of becoming their customer.

  • Quality

The other thing that most people associate Clarks with is the production of high-quality shoes. There are various qualities that they combine, including flexibility, climate control, lightness, and softness.

You may like a brand of shoes due to a certain aspect but find that there is something that you don’t like with it. Clarks is not like that, when you buy a pair of Clarks shoes, be sure of loving its every aspect.

Are Clarks Shoes Real Leather?

This is a question that most people ask. The good thing with Clarks is that they do indicate the material that the pair of shoes has been made of. If you are looking for a pair of leather shoes, rest assured that whatever you get is made of more than 80% leather. I mean real leather, nothing less. See to it that you read the description of the pair of shoes you want to buy and you can get it right. No mistakes.

Are Clarks Shoes Good For Your Feet?

This is a sure bet that you will get a pair of Clarks shoes that is just fine for your feet. The reason why I am very much confident that you will get a shoe the right shoe in terms of comfort is that Clarks aim at designing shoes that are suitable for all people regardless of the size of their feet and their taste.

How Do Clarks Shoes Fit?

Clarks designers understand truly well that not all individuals’ feet can fit in whole number sizes even half sizes meaning that you will get a pair of shoes that is true to your size. The shoes are designed to meet the needs of all people regardless of the size of their feet. So when looking for a pair of Clarks shoes, size should not be a concern.

How Do You Break In Clarks Shoes?

After buying a new pair of shoes, I am usually tempted to wear them out the soonest as possible. This is normal and is also the case for many people, and I think you are also not exempted.

However, most shoes need a gentle period of break in to allow the material to become soft and adjust to the shape of your feet. Here is how you can break in Clarks shoes seamlessly:

  • Purchasing the right pair of shoes – This sounds obvious, but remember that this is important because if you fail to do so, you will be following the other steps in vain.
  • Break shoes in gradually – You don’t want your feet to start aching or to be full of blisters right? it is therefore advisable to wear your shoes for a short period of time for instance around the house to see if you are comfortable in them before you schedule to be in them for long hours.
  • Avoid loosening the shoelace if it has any – Tying the shoes tight is important because it will not only speed up the break-in process but it will also stretch the fabric.
  • Protect against blisters – You can do this by applying petroleum jelly or moisturizing your skin to prevent the shoes’ rubbing with some parts of your feet.
  • Wear thick socks – but how? They cannot compliment my shoe, that’s what you could be saying. You need not wear them in public do it in the privacy of your home. The sock will help to stretch your shoes making you fit in them well.
  • Switch up your footwear – after breaking in your shoes, you can now wear them for a longer duration but it is advisable to alternate them with the other shoes you may be having.

Do Clarks Shoes Stretch Out?

Yes. It is possible to stretch out Clarks shoes. You should not get worried if you want to stretch your Clarks shoes only to find out that you are not able to do so. You can take them to professional cobblers who offer shoe stretching services. They have the necessary machines and training to do so. Visit a professional cobbler to have your shoe stretched if it is necessary.

Most Popular Clarks Shoes

When you think of any shoe brand, there are those popular shoes that everyone likes to be associated with. Here are several popular Clarks shoes that if you would talk about Clarks and fail to mention them someone would think you were talking about another brand. Let me mention them:

Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Oxford

Clarks Wallabees

You cannot lack one of these shoes in the shoe collection of everyone who has made Clarks their favorite brand of shoes. You will also find out that you get to like one of these when you start purchasing shoes from Clarks.

Do Clarks Do Vegan Shoes?

Many people think Clarks manufactures shoes made of leather only. However, this is further from the truth. For many years Clarks have been known for their ability to produce pure leather shoes.

The surprising thing is that Clarks have also considered vegans in that they also manufacture animal -friendly shoes. These kinds of shoes are available in different colors, styles, sizes, and textures.

How To Clean Clarks Shoes?

You could be wondering what kind of question is this. However, if you want to extend your shoes’ lifespan, you have to clean it appropriately. The method of cleaning depends on the kind of shoes you purchase. For leather shoes you need to take the following steps:

  • Use a dry cloth to rub across the shoes’ exterior and then wipe with a wet cloth.
  • Leave the shoes somewhere open to dry but avoid direct heat or sunlight.
  • Dip a clean dry piece of cloth into a polishing wax when cleaning waxed or oiled leather shoes. Use cream shoe polish when dealing with aniline leather shoes and apply it on the exterior part of the shoe lightly. Buff the shoes in a vigorous manner until it shines.

As For Patent Leather:

  • Start by dipping a clean cloth in warm water, after which you should rub non-abrasive soap on it. It would help if you then came up with a mild lather.
  • Secondly, use the cloth to rub the exterior part of the shoe and remove any accumulated dirt.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes clean and then air dry them without exposing them to direct sunlight or heat.

As For Suede Or Nubuck Leather:

  • Use a soft suede brush or a pencil eraser to rub against the shoe’s exterior and eliminate caked on stains or dirt. You can use your fingers to eliminate any stubborn dirt.
  • Dip a clean cloth in warm water lightly and run the piece of cloth across the shoes’ exterior to soak up the accumulated dirt. Leave the shoes to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • Finally, use silicon spray to spray the exterior of the shoes. This way the shoes will be protected from stains and they will last longer.

Why Are Clarks Shoes So Expensive?

Could be you have noticed the rise in designer shoes and Clarks shoes’ prices have not been left behind. The reason for this is that the cost of raw materials has also increased.

It is therefore obvious that an increase in raw materials should also result in to increase in the end product. The quality artistry of this product also makes it expensive. However, the price is really worth it considering its touch and durability.

Clarks Shoes Complaints And Quality Problems

There are generally no complaints or quality problems with Clarks shoes. However, the company has a team of knowledgeable personnel who can handle any issue that you may experience.

How Long Do Clarks Shoes Last?

The amount of time that Clarks shoes can last largely depends on how often you wear them, how much your feet sweat. The cleaning method also determines whether you enjoy your shoes for long or not.

Do Clarks Shoes Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Clarks does not guarantee their shoes. However, they can pick unworn shoes from you for an exchange or refund. This sounds good but you should keep in mind that they will only be accepted back within 90 days after purchase.

So if you are not happy with what you bought you should return them before these days expire. For the shoes to be accepted, they should show minimal signs of wear and no signs of being worn outside.

Can Clarks Shoes Be Repaired?

If your Clarks shoes wear out and need repair, the best thing to do is to look for the services of a professional who deals in repairing this brand of shoe. This way you will be sure that the repairs will be done appropriately. If you don’t know where to find such a professional, you can contact Clarks for a recommendation.

Can You Return Shoes To Clarks?

As I have already mentioned in the warranty area, Clarks only allows you to return unworn shoes and within a duration of 90 days after purchase.

Are Clarks Shoes Worth It?

Clarks shoes combine high-quality artistry and materials. The fact that the shoes last long also makes them worth it.


With the many benefits of Clarks shoes, make your purchase is a great decision. Clarks are committed to maintaining the reputation they have earned. Therefore, expect to get nothing less than high-quality shoes that you will fall in love with.


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