Are ECCO Shoes Good?

The ECCO brand was started in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in the small town of Bredebro in southern Denmark. All through the Eighties, the company expanded its operations on a global level. By 1982, sales had gotten up to one million pairs of shoes annually.

Production, of course, soon expanded. In 1996 ECCO built its own research and design center in Denmark and named it “Futura”. Their first flagship retail store opened on Oxford Street in London, England in 1998. By 2000, ECCO was in possession of every step of the process of production, including design and leather production as well as branded retail sales.

Today Ecco concerns itself with creating and maintaining amicable relationships with their colleagues, partners, customers, and the societies in which they live and work with all due respect for diversity.

“Ecco Store Canada” by bargainmoose, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is ECCO A Good Brand?

These brands are highly recommended for urban explorers who need a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes to take on a full day of walking. Fortunately, they have brands like the Italian Geox and Danish Ecco that put together chic European aesthetics and unbeatable quality.

What Does ECCO Stand For?

There is no official word on it, but perhaps Toosbuy liked the Italian word “ecco” which is much like the French word “voila”. There’s no one English word to define it but it roughly means “There you have it!” or “Would you look at that?” in a tone of amazement.

Many people like to pronounce the name like the word “echo”, but in Italian, it would be more like eh-ko with an accent on the first syllable. It’s likely in all caps to look good on the logo.

Where Are ECCO Shoes Made?

About 98% of ECCO’s shoes are made in their own factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. There are also some under license in India.

Who Owns ECCO Shoes?

ECCO is owned by Ecco Holding A/S. The current CEO is Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, the daughter of founder Karl Toosbuy. She has been helping out in the family business since she was seventeen and has owned the company since her father’s death in 2004.

Her children Anna and André are on the board as part owners. André will most likely inherit as Anna has shown a preference for horses rather than shoes. Ecco is now estimated to be worth approximately $1.5 billion.

What Is Special About ECCO Shoes?

What makes them unique when compared to other shoe brands is the fact that ECCO manages the whole shoemaking process from the start until the finish. ECCO manages everything about their shoes from being on the cow to being on the shelf with a price tag.

They manage the production of the leather all the way up until it goes up for sale in one of their retail locations. There is no other major shoe manufacturer that does this.

What Are ECCO Shoes Made From?

They are made from leathers produced in tanneries managed by ECCO. They use extra light crepe rubber for the soles.

Are ECCO Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Their oxfords are durable and flexible. If you have plantar fasciitis and often find yourself on your feet all day long the Ecco Neoflexor shoe will take away the stress caused by the plantar fascia. These shoes naturally absorb shock and provide the best of arch support. You will find Eccos to be both versatile and well suited for work, city walking, or ordinary travel.

Are ECCO Shoes Comfortable?

The Ecco Soft VII Sneaker is one of the most comfortable models made by ECCO. They are especially good for wide feet and provide great arch support. Many people with foot problems find them so comfortable they don’t need inserts. The tongue and laces are both quite flexible, adding to the comfort.

Are ECCO Shoes Good For Flat Feet?

ECCO comes highly recommended for people with flat feet. These shoes have been precisely engineered to deliver superb arch support, a midsole that is firm yet flexible, and the exact amount of needed cushioning. There many podiatrists who recommend these shoes to their patients who have many such foot problems like flat feet, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

Are ECCO Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

ECCO makes it a point for their shoes to fit the foot, not the other way around. They do make shoes specifically for plantar fasciitis. The ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker is likely one of their more comfortable models.

If you just have to have sandals, there’s the Yucatan. The Soft 7 Laser Cut is very breathable. If you’re in the market for waterproof work boots, go for ECCO’s Track 25 High.

Are ECCO Shoes Good For Walking?

The ECCO Men’s Biom Walk 1.1 Walking Shoes are the best choice for walking. This is a layered leather shoe that comes with perforated paneling for superior breathability.

After all, there is nothing worse than a combination of soggy socks and heat-induced blisters. What’s more, its ultra-cushioned collar and footbed see to it that you are ready to take on whatever is beyond the next bend in the road.

Are ECCO Shoes Waterproof?

If the shoes feature GORE-TEX or Hydromax then they are waterproof. Hydromax technology makes the boots soft and breathable yet still waterproof. The Exostrike, Soft 7 Tred, and Ukiuk 2.0 are all good waterproof boots made by Ecco.

Are ECCO Shoes Slip Resistant?

There are ECCO shoes that are slip-resistant. Look for the rubber or polyurethane sole. The Fusion II Slip-On Is a good example of a shoe that is slip-resistant and supportive making them suitable for food service. Their Oxfords are also suited for slick areas.

Does ECCO Make Wide Shoes?

It would appear not. ECCO’s line of shoes uses a singular type of fit. Because of this, their shoes can fit a vast variety of feet. ECCOs fit from heel to instep rather than to the ball of the foot. This is known as the ECCO “Freedom Fit”.

Most regular shoes fit across the width of the feet at the toes. This restricts the natural spread of the toes under the stress of walking. This “Freedom Fit” lets the toes move freely as you walk.

Do ECCO Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Ecco shoes are made with comfort in mind. Some find that ta few models run a bit on the large side, but for the most part, ECCO shoes are true to size.

Do ECCO Shoes Break-In?

The break-in period is minimal. They should feel very comfortable after only a day or two of use.

Do ECCO Shoes Stretch?

It will take a couple of weeks, but many of their casual shoes will. It should be noted that many ECCO shoes, particularly their golf shoes, are made out of yak leather. Yak leather is strong and flexible but does not stretch significantly.

Do You Wear Socks With ECCO Shoes?

Depends on the model. Most of them, you would. Even for the ones you don’t, ECCO makes an in-shoe sock that is cut so that it won’t show easily. They’re great with slip-on sneakers.

Popular ECCO Shoes Models

  • For men, ECCO’s Helsinki Oxford is good for formal wear.
  • The Soft 7 Sneaker is the most comfortable model.
  • The golfers may like to try the Golf Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes.
  • For the ladies, there are sandals such as the Yucatan, the Flowt, and the Corksphere.
  • The Soft 7 Sneakers also come in women’s sizes.
  • The Felicia Stretch is a nice dressy shoe for women who don’t like to wear high heels but don’t mind a bit of a wedge.

ECCO Shoes Competitors

The top competitors with ECCO Shoes include Graham’s, Finish Line, Manebi, and Cole Haan. Clarks and Rockport can also be compared to them.

ECCO Vs. Clarks

Both shoes carry a sophisticated design, but Clarks’ leather is somewhat more rugged. ECCO, however, is more durable. As far as boots go, ECCO is more durable, comfortable, and breathable. The casual ECCOs are more comfortable and stylish. However, Clarks may be more budget-friendly.

ECCO Vs. Cole Haan

Cole Haan has greater brand recognition where ECCO offers more discounts and promotions. The shoes themselves are fairly on par with each other but Cole Haan has better customer service policies.

ECCO Vs. Rockport

Where Rockport does have flexible, grippy soles, ECCO’s synthetic soles have just a bit more grip to them. Otherwise, they’re pretty much on par.

How To Clean ECCO Shoes?

ECCO manufactures their own Foam Cleaner that you can use with temperate water and a cloth or a brush to rub into the shoe surface with circular motions to get rid of stains and dirt. After you do so, place a small cotton towel in the shoes to absorb moisture and change after one hour.

Leave it to air dry. ECCO also makes a waterproofing spray that you can use to add a protective coating against the rain, moisture, and dirt. Put on a second coating if needed and leave it to air dry.

ECCO Shoes Complaints & Sole Problems

There have been some complaints that ECCO shoes and soles disintegrate easily. ECCO, to their credit, are quick to offer refunds and replacements. ECCO has researched the issue and found the problem was Hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis damage happens when moisture builds up in the thousands of air bubbles that are found in polyurethane soles. This has happened in less than one percent of ECCO shoes and most frequently happened with some of their older styles.

Can ECCO Shoes Be Resoled?

Because Ecco shoes are often made with a direct-inject polyurethane sole it is not possible to resole these shoes.

Why Are ECCO Shoes So Expensive?

The leather comes from Himalayan yaks and the shoes are made to suit the natural anatomy of the human foot. They shed moisture easily and are quite breathable. The shoes come with a good deal of special features. Whether they are really worth it is up to you.

Where To Buy ECCO Shoes?

You can find them at their brick and mortar specialty stores, they also have an online store that is always available. And of course, you can find them on Amazon and other popular online retailers.

How To Spot Fake ECCO Shoes?

Do not buy ECCO shoes from a sketchy site. A sketchy site will lack sufficient contact information, will read like they were written by an alien, will have many broken links and the domain name will often emphasize how inexpensive the products are. ECCO engraves their name on the sole. You will also see the logo etched into the upper.

How Long Do ECCO Shoes Last?

It could last anywhere from two to seven years.


One unique thing that can be said about ECCO is that they are very choosey about their leather. Few shoe manufacturers would take over the tanning process themselves.

They insist on their leather being everything leather should be; natural, soft, and beautiful. This combined with their talent for combining comfort and style makes ECCO one of the more successful shoe brands.


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