Are Cole Haan Shoes Good? Key Benefits And Features

Cole Haan has redefined the perception of luxury shoes. A while back, expensive shoes mostly focused on style and design.

However, because of changes in consumer trends and patterns, other elements also had to be featured in these types of shoes. Cole Haan is one of the first brands to integrate comfort, style, and quality into footwear.

With millions of customers from all corners of the world, Cole Haan shoes can be worn for any occasion and no matter how long you have them on, you won’t experience any form of discomfort.

are cole haan shoes good
“Cole Haan Brickell City Centre” by Phillip Pessar, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Which Geniuses Came Up with this Impressive Shoe Brand?

To design such shoes definitely needs a lot of skill and experience. And that’s why we have to look at the brilliant minds that founded Cole Haan.

This company was initially known as Cole, Rood, and Haan. Rood later left the company and that’s how it retained its name.

Founded back in 1928, Cole Haan is popular for manufacturing fine leather footwear. Their main customers when starting were men but today Cole Haan manufactures shoes for women and children.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Cole Haan makes great shoes is the people that it has passed through.

Before being bought by Apax in 2012, who still runs it up to date, Cole Haan has been under the hands of Nike and George Deeney.

All these individuals and companies have played a key role in shaping the production and sustainability of this shoemaking company.

Before we look further into why Cole Haan shoes are so good, there is an important detail you need to know about this brand. Back in 2008, they announced that they will not use real animal fur in shoe production.

Later on, in 2010, the brand also stopped using exotic animal skin for leather. These efforts were in line to stop animal cruelty.

In my opinion, this is a big step that this brand took in making the world a better place and that’s I rank amongst the top shoemakers in the world.

Why Cole Haan Shoes are So Good

I never really thought that there existed a shoe that could do all the three W’s mentioned above. Well, not until I came across Cole Haan footwear.

Whether you are a man or woman, you can significantly benefit from owning a shoe that you can go to work with, later on, workout and on weekends put it on when you’re attending your colleague’s wedding down at the beach.

  • Cole Haan’s Pivot Towards both Casual and Athletic Styles

Most of these brand’s shoes are after integrating casual and athletic styles. We have all had to buy a shoe for casual purposes and another for athletics at one point in our lives.

With Cole Haan, you get both in one. This level of versatility makes this brand an excellent choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

With Cole Haan’s, when you leave work, you can head straight to the gym without having to pass by your house to change. No wonder this shoe is so popular amongst the younger generation.

  • Its Shoes are Made from Sustainable Materials

As mentioned earlier, Cole Haan denounced the use of real animal skin and fur to make shoes. Instead, they use sustainable materials that are of high quality.

That, paired up with the brand’s craftsmanship results in long-lasting footwear.

  • Comfortable and Lightweight

Because these shoes are designed to be used on all occasions, Cole Haan takes the time to manufacture footwear using light but quality materials.

This ensures that their shoes are light and comfy, allowing the wearer to walk for long without getting tired.

Why You Should Consider Getting Shoes from this Brand

There are hundreds of shoe brands out there. And with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which you should or shouldn’t get your shoes from.

Cole Haan, other than being among the oldest, most experienced, and reputable shoemakers in the world. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider this brand over others;

  • Their shoes fit true to size. This is evident from the hundreds of customer reviews available on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.


  • Though a bit costly, most of their shoes offer value for your money.


  • Cole Haan shoes provide arch support and are adequately padded.


  • They have a wide range of shoe styles and designs for men, women, and children.


  • Comfort is guaranteed. Their shoes can be worn for hours without feeling tired.


  • The brand blends style and quality in its footwear.


  • Cole Haan shoes are lightweight.

The Best Shoes from Cole Haan

To get a feel of how good Cole Haan shoes are, let’s look at reviews of some of the brand’s best sellers.

  1. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap – A Classic Official Oxford Shoe

Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford,British Tan,10.5 M US

A favorite shoe amongst students and professionals, the Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap features a traditional elegant design that is ideal for both official and casual wear.

The design will make you stand out in a crowd. Thanks to its build, this is a shoe that will tolerate daily wear even under the toughest of conditions.

It fits perfectly even though it may look a bit narrow. There is enough space at the front for your toes to wiggle and breathe.

The lacing is pretty much old fashioned and the padding is a bit light, so this isn’t the shoe you can walk with for long distances.

Cole Haan however makes up for the above by adding a thick sole that is suitable for all seasons. The rubber outsole provides better traction and when it’s wet outside you don’t have to worry about slipping.

The arch support provided is better than average. Overall, the shoe boasts quality leather that shines well. It’s also uniform and supple.

  1. Women’s ZeroGrand All Day Runner – Perfect for Lengthy Travels

Cole Haan Women's Zerogrand All-Day Slip ON Runner STCHL Trainers, Black (Black/Black/Optic White Black/Black/Optic White), 4 (37 EU)

For the ladies out there that enjoy exploring different parts of cities, the ZeroGrand All Day Runner from Cole Haan is cushioned and designed to offer comfort, while still looking stylish.

Made from Cole Haan’s Stitchlite material, the All Day Runner is breathable and flexible. It’s also breathable and regulates the temperature inside the shoe, making it perfect for summer travel.

These shoes come off as athletic but they can also be used for everyday wear. So, if your line of work doesn’t require a formal dress code, these are the best shoes to walk to your place of work and later head to the gym with.

The rubber outsole is designed to offer improved traction and there is adequate cushioning on the insole for comfort. The All-day Runner comes in a wide range of colors.

  1. Cole Haan Stitchlite Oxford

Cole Haan Men's 2.Zerogrand Stitchlite Oxford, Black/Magnet/Black, 10 Medium US

I fell in love with this latest piece of art from Cole Haan the minute I saw it. The Stitchlite oxford not only looks amazing but it features the latest technology from the brand.

The shoe features a woven knit construction on the upper part that makes it excellent for hot climatic conditions. It’s also light and water-resistant.

It is evenly cushioned, shock-absorbent, flexible, and stable. The outsole rubber makes it resistant to wear. So, you can wear this shoe all year long without worrying about wear.

If you are on the search for business casual footwear, the Stitchlite oxford should be your top pick.

  1. Generation ZeroGrand – Cole Haan’s Lightest and Most Breathable Sneaker

Cole Haan Men's Generation Zerogrand Stitchlite HIGH TOP Sneaker, Black/Gray Pinstripe Knit/Optic White, 10.5

For those of us who have enough bulky shoes that leave you feeling worn out at the end of the day, Cole Haan has heard our complaints and released the lightest sneaker on the planet.

Key features of the ZeroGrand include; a design that imitates the natural motion of the feet, cushioned Ortholite insoles, springy arched outsole, and an exceptionally breathable Stitchlite upper.

Living in an era where shoe brands just throw in the term lightweight on any shoe, Cole Haan took the time to bring this description to life with the ZeroGrand.

The ZeroGrand is perfect for everyday use. However, you should know that this shoe isn’t designed for athletic purposes, so don’t wear it to the gym.

Because they are quite breathable, you don’t have to go a size above your normal size. You can also wear them with or without socks.

Cole Haan’s Shoe Collection

For the 9 decades that Cole Haan has been in the shoemaking industry, they have come up with several shoe collections. One of the most popular collection at the moment are Cole Haan ZeroGrand shoes.

Launched back in 2014, this collection is distinguished by the integration of the company’s signature Grand OS technology. This line of shoes is comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.

They are also flexible, come in many designs, and very easy to blend with most attires. In the past 6 years, Cole Haan has sold more than 2.5 million pairs of ZeroGrand shoes.

Other popular collections include the Stitchlite which entails shoes whose upper part is made out of engineered knit. The design of Stitchlite shoes from Cole Haan is customized to maximize airflow and ensure breathability.

There are also several pinch moccasins from this brand that are available for both men and women.

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