Are Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Worth It?

The first pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes were made in 1907 and has a heartwarming story to them. Salvatore Ferragamo was just a nine-year-old boy in Bonito, a small rural town some hundred kilometers from Naples, Italy.

His little sister Giuseppina was ready for her First Communion but didn’t have any white shoes. So, he borrowed some nails, thread, and white canvas from a local shoemaker and made his first pair of shoes.

are salvatore ferragamo shoes worth it
“Salvatore Ferragamo Loafers” by Robert Sheie, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coming To America

In 1915, young Ferragamo came to America where he got work at the Plant Shoe Factory in Boston. He was decidedly unimpressed with the quality of factory-made shoes and soon concluded his talents were wasted here.

He moved out to Santa Barbara, California where his big brother Alfonso got him a job in the wardrobe department for the American Film Manufacturing Company.

It was the first time Ferragamo saw cowboy boots. He soon opened up his first store in Mission Canyon, was visited by the biggest stars of the time and the rest is history.

Ferragamo Now

The rich and famous still love Ferragamo shoes. They have a very classy look to them. They look good and feel even better. There’s none of the stiffness many people find in a pair of brand new boots.

The stitching is minimal and the body is streamlined. Ferragamo can compare with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga while still holding onto their own unique individuality.

The Ferragamo family still owns the Ferragamo company, and they are still handmade. The company has decided to give back to the world by financing pediatric hospitals and sculpture restoration.

Ferragamo In The Future

Ferragamo is taking advantage of new technologies by partnering with Microsoft to use virtual reality to market their shoes. Consumers can use virtual reality to design their own one of a kind shoe.

While the shoe is designed on a computer, the actual manufacturing process will be the same 160 step process that Ferragamo has used for over a century. Necessity again has become the mother of invention.

So Why The Big Price Tag?

You get what you pay for. Ferragamo is a luxury brand. A luxury brand is more than just a logo and a famous name, though that is certainly part of it. Luxury shoes are an investment.

High-quality shoes will last longer than less expensive shoes and the leather and other materials are more adept at keeping your feet warm and dry. Luxury shoes are even easier to repair.

It should be noted, however, that the soles of a Ferragamo are a combination of leather and rubber, combining traction with durability and style. As long as Ferragamos are well kept, they should be usable for a very long time.

What Styles Of Ferragamo Are Most Popular?

Ferragamo has some new designs and patterns out. For the ladies, Ferragamo has started making pumps, flats, sandals, and even a matching handbag in a novel black and gold pattern that brings both elegance and sparkle to an evening ensemble.

If you really want some sparkle, you might like to try the bejeweled slingback in Mekong gold. The Vara bow is framed with crystals for a dazzling, glamorous look. The multicolored Vara Bow Pump has a lower heel and a fun print for a more casual look.

Teal, tangelo, and carnation pink on cream with a floral print is a daring combination, but it’s amazingly pulled off. (Their copy says that shade of green is mint, but that looks teal to me. Too bluish, not light enough.)

If you prefer sparkle to splash, Ferragamo does have another Vara bow pump in a gold and black scale pattern. If your tastes are more refined and understated, Ferragamo does make simple but elegant pumps and loafers in dune, black, and copper.

For the gentlemen, there are classy black loafers, whether he prefers metallic buckles, tassels, or braiding. You wanted sneakers, guys?

Fine, you get the Gancini sneaker in Stromboli sand and white with maroon laces and logo with stitching for a sporty look. Also available through Ferragamo are two textured black Oxfords.

These well-crafted shoes contrast suede with patent leather. For a slightly more casual look that comes with brown shoes, the gentleman may appreciate the Gancini Derby.

The impeccable construction and fresh silhouette make this semi-casual shoe quite stylish. Ferragamo’s shoes for men do not have very much in the way of variety when compared to the ones for women, but that is just par for the course in fashion.

How To Tell If Your Ferragamos Are Fake?

If the logo says “Furagano”, it’s fake. The Ferragamo name will be engraved on any steel buckles. The brand name will be stamped on the front and back of the inner sole. If a tag says “real leather”, it’s fake.

All Ferragamo shoes are real leather and they feel no reason to advertise the obvious. The stitching should be absolutely perfect. Loose threads and crooked stitching are not the Ferragamo standard.

Look at the underside of the tongue. There should be a production code. The box will be solid brick red with the Salvatore Ferragamo signature on the lid in silver.

It may be followed by the words “Florence, Italy” in the same script and color. The information on the label on the side should correspond with the shoes inside.

Do You Miss Shopping?

If you miss actual shopping, Ferragamo has made an attempt to virtually recreate the experience. Their online store has an option to bring up an interactive 360 image of one of their stores.

If you see something you like, just click on it and you’ll be brought to the page that gives you more information on the item and the option to purchase.

The site even replicates the spooky mannequins and repetitive techno Muzak if you missed them too. It’s got everything but a food court and obnoxious sales staff.

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