Are Danskos Good For Your Feet? – See Why Nurses Love Them

Many shoe brands are starting to market their products towards comfort more than style these days, and Dansko is no exception.

Their shoes have become extremely popular with nurses and chefs in particular, and they are the go-to choice for anybody who spends a lot of time on their feet.

But are Danskos good for your feet? And are they really as comfortable as people claim they are? To find out once and for all we’ll take an in-depth look at Danskos below.

What are Danskos?

Before we start breaking down each of the design features and looking at whether or not Danskos are good for your feet, let’s take a moment to talk about the brand. 

Danskos was founded in 1990 by Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup with one mission in mind; improving people’s lives through amazing products, genuine passion, and a dedication to a better tomorrow. 

The company took its name from the literal Danish translation for “shoe”, and each pair of Danskos is created with comfort in mind. They are designed to be easy to put on and take off and are made from materials that allow them to self-adjust for comfort when worn for a long time. 

Danskos are also waterproof, non-slip, and are even made from a special rubber that is resistant to blood spills. This is one of the reasons why they are such a popular choice with nurses and doctors

The Benefits of Wearing Danskos

There are loads of benefits to wearing Danskos. In this section, we will show how they are good for your feet. Let’s take a look at each of these benefits below. 

Danskos Support Your Arches

One of the main benefits offered by Danskos (and one of the main reasons why they’re good for your feet) is that they support your arches.

This comes down to their innovative design, which helps to keep your feet in a neutral position while you walk, rather than elevating them or putting too much pressure on the heel. 

Danskos also feature built-in arch support, a cushioned footbed, and a slip-resistant outsole. These three things combined provide extra support for your arches, and also make them an excellent choice for anybody with plantar fasciitis. 

Danskos are Durable

Danskos are made from some of the most durable materials available, including leather and rubber. This means that each pair is guaranteed to last for a long time, even if you’re on your feet for several hours a day. 

But what does their durability have to do with Danskos being good for your feet?

Put simply, if your shoes are durable, you’ll have fewer issues with certain parts getting damaged. And, if there’s a smaller chance of these parts getting damaged (such as the arch supports or outsole) the more comfortable and secure your feet will be. 

There is another benefit to this durability, as well. People that wear Danskos tend to work in extremely busy, high-demanding environments such as healthcare and food services.

When you work in these industries, you don’t have a lot of time to shop around for replacement shoes. So, the longer a shoe lasts, the less you’ll have to worry about replacing them!

Some of the durable materials used to make Danskos include leather, patent leather, rubber, suede, fabric, and canvas. Some of their shoes are also coated with 3M Scotchgard Protection, and this gives them an extra layer of water resistance. 

Danskos Help Reduce Foot Fatigue

Danskos also feature excellent shock absorption which is something that you really need if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

This means that the shoes themselves absorb most of the impact of your feet landing on the floor hundreds of times a day. And, with this, comes a reduction in foot fatigue.

This benefit goes beyond your feet, too. If there is less impact shock going into your feet, your legs, hips, and lower back will also be better protected and you’re far less likely to suffer aches and pains in these areas. 

Danskos are Slip Resistant

As we mentioned earlier, Danskos are constructed with a slip-resistant rubber and this has a couple of benefits. First of all, they’ll help you stay safe on your feet even if you’re walking across a slippery surface, such as a commercial kitchen or freshly mopped hospital floor. 

In doing this, they help to keep your feet, legs, and back protected from any accidental injuries that might occur from slipping across a wet floor. 

Danskos are Comfortable

One of the biggest selling points Dansko shoes have to offer is that they are extremely comfortable. Comfort is essential when you’re spending long hours standing or walking around and, put simply if your feet are comfortable they are being well protected. 

This high level of comfort also means that Danskos are ready to go when you need them.

They require virtually no breaking in and, thanks to their self-adjusting materials, they allow your feet to move and breathe throughout the day. This means you don’t have to worry about them causing cramps, pinching your skin, or becoming overly hot. 

Danskos Fit Well

No matter how comfortable a shoe is designed to be or how amazing the materials it’s made out of are, it’s useless if it doesn’t fit properly. Luckily, this isn’t an issue with Danskos. Each of their shoes are available in a wide range of sizes. 

And, unlike a lot of other shoe brands, they take width into consideration when fitting as well. When you’ve chosen the pair you like the look of the most, you’re able to select both shoe size and width! This offers you the ability to create an almost custom-sized pair of shoes. 

By giving you this power, you’re able to ensure that your Danskos fit perfectly and, with this, you’re keeping your feet protected from several nasty issues. These include:

As you can see from everything we’ve discussed above, there is no doubt that Danskos are good for your feet. They are an especially good choice for anybody who spends many hours on their feet at a time and will help keep them protected, comfortable, and well-supported.

Some Danskos Myths Debunked

Even though Danskos are good for your feet, there are some myths surrounding them that we feel it’s important to discuss. 

Myth #1: Dansko Only Makes Clogs

The first of these myths is the idea that Danskos only make clogs. This simply isn’t true. While Dansko are best-known for their supportive clogs which are hugely popular with nurses, doctors, chefs, and teachers, they do offer other styles as well. 

In fact, Dansko has recently expanded its selection of footwear even further and they now sell sandals, heels, flats, boots, wedges, and hiking boots. And, best of all, each of these is designed with the same level of support and comfort as their world-famous clogs. 

Myth #2: Dansko Shoes are Heavy

Again, this isn’t true, although it can be easy to see why some people may believe this. Their durable construction and super-supportive sole can make it seem as though Danskos are heavy or clunky, but the material they are made from is actually pretty lightweight. 

Let’s not forget, either, that Danskos put comfort and support above everything else. With this in mind, there’s no way that the brand would produce a heavy shoe that could potentially cause harm to your feet. 

Myth #3: Danskos Only Make Women’s Shoes

It’s difficult to tell how this myth originated, but it’s entirely untrue. Dansko has a huge range of shoes that are available for both men and women. It would also be fair to say that you could consider the majority of their shoes as unisex.

There is a chance that people believe that Dansko only makes shoes for women because they are best-known for their clogs which, over recent years, have been associated with more of a feminine look.

But, if you think only women wear clogs, you’re very wrong! Thousands of male nurses, doctors, and chefs have turned to Danskos clogs for the comfort, support, and protection they provide for the feet. 

In fact, Dansko’s “Walker” shoe is one of their best-selling styles and it far outsells many of their women’s options. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since they first hit the market in 1990, Danskos have been a popular choice of shoe for people who spend long hours on their feet. And, when it comes to looking at whether or not Danskos are good for your feet, the answer is a resounding yes. 

All you have to do is look at the features they offer to see just how good for your feet they are.

A pair of Danskos will support your arches, help protect your feet from injury, and reduce foot fatigue. Their ability to absorb impact shock will also help reduce the chances of aches and pains forming in your legs, hips, and lower back.

And, even more impressively, they manage to do all of this while remaining comfortable! So, the next time you need to purchase a pair of shoes and you want to make sure they’re actually good for your feet, we’d highly recommend investing in a pair of Danskos. 

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