Shoes Like Sanuks – 8 Affordable Alternatives

Sanuk is famous for its creative and beautiful footwear. The brand is incredibly popular and produces patented shoes that allow the feet to bend naturally, as though they were free or in a flip flop. Made from innovative materials like indoor carpets and mats, Sanuks provide users with simple and natural comfort.

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Wearing shoes that don’t pinch is almost a luxury these days, as staying fashionable often comes at a cost. It is important to consider the health and comfort of your feet whether you are going for a pair from this popular brand or one of the shoes like Sanuks.

Besides being comfortable, Sanuk shoes are lightweight and worn easily. Also, the shoes allow the feet to breathe. Your feet won’t be holed up in a dark prison, desperately longing for freedom every time you wear them.

Why Are Sanuk Shoes Popular?

Here are some of the features that make Sanuk a popular brand:

  • Beauty: Sanuk shoes come in simple, no-frills designs, yet they are very beautiful and can fit a variety of outfits, especially casual wear.
  • Design: Sanuk shoes have no laces, a favorite spec for upwardly mobile people. They also come with flat soles. They are easy to wear and easy to pull off as well. For those who love their barefoot experience, the Sanuk has got your back.
  • Material: To maximize comfort for the user, Sanuk uses a unique material to make their shoes. Textiles, carpets, and chamois make up the major raw materials.
  • Strength: They may look simple, but Sanuk shoes are quite durable. They can last many years and can withstand all kinds of weather.

There’s simply no reason not to want or have one. Well, maybe one reason – price! Price is the one common reason that stops so many people from owning a Sanuk shoe.

Sanuk shoes are a bit expensive compared to other shoes with similar designs, mainly because they are patented. Thankfully, you can get cheaper alternatives that offer great quality as well. These may not be Sanuks, but they have the same delivery and leave your wallet smiling.

Review of Top 8 Sanuk Alternatives

Check out the following shoes that look and feel like Sanuk.

1. CASMAG Men’s Canvas Slip-On Loafers

CASMAG Men’s Canvas Slip-On Loafers
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CASMAG Men’s Slip-On Loafers is an excellent alternative to Sanuk. It is an outdoor shoe that is very convenient to wear and pull off. Although it could fit into official settings, it is designed more for leisure and smart-casual events. Your jeans and chinos would love to be hanging over a pair of these.

With its elastic enhancements and padded collar, this shoe offers extra comfort with a durable resistant rubber flat sole. CASMAG offers nearly all the perks of sneakers without the noise.

You shouldn’t have any issues choosing this option if what you are looking for in a shoe is outstanding comfort, impressive fashion, and affordability. CASMAG Canvas Loafers are one of the best affordable alternatives to Sanuks. The quality material coupled with the reinforced stitching means this shoe would for a relatively long time.


  • Fabric type: Canvas
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Multifunctional: These loafers are designed for casual and official settings
  • Designed for men: The shoes are designed for males only
  • Lightweight: They are lightweight, making walking fun
  • Easy to wear: They are very easy to put on and pull off as well


  • Simple and lightweight design
  • Rubber soles
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as Sanuk
  • Cannot be used by females

2. Crocs Men’s Walu Express Loafer

Crocs Men’s Walu Express Loafer
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Crocs not only manufacture footwear but also retail different brands. Like all other Crocs brands, the Walu Express Loafer features the signature proprietary closed-cell resin and the innovative croslite, which is the main reason these shoes are soft, lightweight, and offer a firm grip.

The odor-resistant shoes are not only ideal for some types of formal wear; they can fit smart-casual fashion styles, and you can wear them for outright casual occasions.

The shoes have two ventilating holes around the arch area, which enhances air circulation around the feet when you wear them, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice clean dry feet for affordability.

If you’re out for recreational purposes, the Walu Express Loafer would be a perfect companion, too. Whether you’re hiking or taking a long walk, Crocs shoes use strong materials that can withstand easy outdoor activities. The upper part consists of flexible canvas but is quite durable.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a perfect alternative to the Sanuks, then you have a great option in the Crocs Men’s Walu Express Loafer. Although this product is for men, Crocs produces footwear for all sexes and ages.


  • Fabric type: 100% Canvas
  • Sole material: Synthetic
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • The upper part is made with canvas and features leather accents
  • Lightweight Croslite midsole for cushioning
  • Vents for enhanced breathability
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for improved traction
  • Kick down heel


  • Easy to wear
  • Enhances breathability with vents
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for both sexes

3. VILOCY Men’s Slip-On Canvas Boat Shoes

VILOCY Men’s Slip-On Canvas Boat Shoes
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Whatever your destination – the beach, streets, forests – this shoe is the definition of rugged comfort and like Sanuks in terms of comfort and toughness.

The Vilocy Men’s Slip-On Canvas Boat Shoes are ideal for leisure and walking long distances. Putting on and kicking off this pair after a long day is a breeze. The Slip-on comes with an upper canvas that has elastic fittings on both sides for easy mobility.

Now to the interesting part: the Vilocy Men’s Slip-On Canvas Boat Shoes also has a super comfortable footbed and a padded collar. Your feet would feel at home inside and may even protest when you remove them from what would seem like a natural habitat to them!

The rubber sole is also firm and slip-resistant. The high-quality canvas upper features impeccably neat and beautiful hand stitches. The shoe has a soft pigskin lining for that comfortable walking experience, and the famous molded EVA footbed rests on upgraded rubber soles that won’t wear out or skid on any kind of surface.

Slipping it on and off is the crowning fun of it all. It slides as easily as cutting through butter with a knife; it’s almost lazy.


  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Easy to pull on and off: It offers incredible convenience and superior flexibility
  • Extra comfortable with a cushioned footbed and enhanced breathability
  • Beautiful designs featuring hand stitches and well-positioned arch vents
  • Made with durable materials and rubber sole for a long-lasting shoe. The highly elastic latex material also provides sufficient shockproof to aid walking in rough terrains


  • Footbed is great for the feet
  • Quite affordable
  • Very light and ideal for walking long distance
  • Suitable for both sexes


  • The shabby look can be off-putting for some people
  • Not recommended for wearing to the office
VILOCY Men's Slip on Deck Shoes Canvas Loafer Vintage Flat Boat Shoes
  • EASY ON and OFF: Lazy Convenient Choice for a Low-Top Casual Slip On Shoes.It is flexible and convenient to wear and take off.
  • COMFY:Featured Premium canvas upper and cushioned footbed ,Mens Slip on Boat shoes Comfortable with good breathability
  • TRENDY DESIGN:Vintage washed distressed canvas,Bring a calm casual style,Rolled moccasin stitching and Textured canvas slip-on with breathable arch vents. This mens slip on deck shoes matches well with jeans, shorts and casual trousers, you can wear it on all seasons.
  • DURABLE:Fine Stitching and Durable Rubber Outsole ,anti-slip and flexible enhance stability in any ground,beach,smooth walk and driving,no longer tired feet fit for driving, working, walking, daily wear, party.
  • SHOCKPROOF:The canvas slip on loafers use of highly elastic latex material, soft and shockproof, protect your foot, easy to walk.

4. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer
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The Crocs Santa Cruz Loafers are for comfort and durability. They use high-quality materials, and the shoe is fit for work and play. Built on a Croslite material sole with canvas uppers, the Men’s Santa Cruz is lightweight but tough. It provides all of the comforts and more you expect from a walking shoe.

The shoe has padded heel cups that help the feet to stay comfortable, even when you wear them for a long time, whether you are walking or sitting.

Santa Cruz Loafer does not only come in a beautiful design, but it also allows for breathability, keeping your legs fresh all day. Go for this loafer if you want shoes like Sanuks that won’t feel uncomfortable after a few hours of use.

Of all the shoes on this list, none of them are this suited for formal wear. The sleek, simple design makes it ideal for smart-casual or even official occasions with a touch of fun.  For your next drive down the highway, slip on these stylish shoes and show what a man of style you are.

This slip-on loafer will serve you dutifully when on a casual outing with friends and when you’re about to sign off on your next big deal. If an alternative to the Sanuks is what you want without compromising quality and durability, go for this Santa Cruz Loafer.


  • Fabric type: 100% Textile
  • Sole material: Synthetic
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Casual, and easy to put on and pull off
  • Great for office wear
  • Fitted with padded heel cups that provide all-day comfort and support
  • Lightweight design that enhances walking and driving


  • Ideal for work and play
  • Enhanced breathability keeps the feet fresh
  • Lightweight for an improved walking experience
  • Ideal for people with pains in the leg
  • Very similar design to Sanuks and more affordable


  • Doesn’t last as long as Sanuk
Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Loafers
  • KEEP IT CASUAL: Drop the top and take a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway in these trendy and stylish boat shoes men need These Crocs for men are good for wear on the beach and in the office
  • MEN'S LOAFERS: Men's slip-on shoes that offer a sleek and modern silhouette but still offer easy on and off Topped off with a nice layer of canvas fabric
  • ALL-DAY SUPPORT: These men's slip on loafers have padded heel cups and Dual Crocs Comfort material to provide all-day support, so you just might forget they’re still on your feet, dude
  • CONVERTIBLE SLIP-ON SHOES FOR MEN: Wear them like a loafer, or fold down the heels when you want to up the leisure quotient and wear them like a slide
  • CROCS FOR MEN: Lightweight design of a traditional Crocs shoe with a more casual style The relaxed fit and durable sole make them the slip-on shoes men need in their wardrobe

5. Timberland Men’s Kiawah Bay 2 Boat Shoe

Timberland Men’s Kiawah Bay 2 Boat Shoe
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Timberland? Aren’t we talking about shoes that won’t cause pain? The Men’s Kiawah Bay 2 Boat Shoe isn’t painful. It is largely handmade and built for comfort and durability. It has an oiled leather upper fitted with tonal lacing, and it brings with it the trusted quality of Timberland.

Consider this Sanuk alternative if you like to support and promote environmentally-friendly products. The classic-style, hand-sewn Timberland Men’s Kiawah Bay 2 Boat Shoe is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly shoe. It is one of the men’s shoes like Sanuks with impressive comfort anyone would desire from a quality shoe.

Combining the full-grain leather upper with the hand-sewn vamp provides the signature look of the Kiawah boat shoe. The footbed is designed to prevent fatigue in your legs and is lined with recycled PED mesh.

The outsole is solid and durable. Made from rubber, it is slip-resistant due to the infused sipped panels. The firm soles enhance a comfortable walking experience on all kinds of surfaces.


  • Fabric type: 100% Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Fitted with an authentic rawhide lacing system that provides beauty and allows for a custom fit
  • EVA heel cup for support
  • Thermo-rubber soles with articulated nubs for durability, comfort, flexibility, and outstanding traction for a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces
  • Comes with a nylon shank that provides support, stability, and shock dispersion
  • Features a hand-sewn vamp that provides comfort and a classic look. Its 100% recycled PED mesh lining and footbed cover provides maximum comfort for the feet
  • The anti-fatigue footbed is removable


  • A greatly enhanced sole makes walking easier and more convenient
  • Hand-sewn for a more traditional look
  • Can withstand lots of pressure
  • Laces for custom-fit


  • Although not as heavy as other Timberland shoes, it is still heavier than most Sanuk alternatives
  • Doesn’t allow for easy breathability
  • Not easy to slip on and off
Timberland Men's Kiawah Bay 2 Boat Shoe
  • Rawhide lacing system allows for custom fit
  • 3/4 length EVA heel cup for cushioning support
  • Durable siped and scuppered thermo-rubber outsole with articulated nubs for comfort, flexibilty and outstanding traction
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • Airport friendly nylon shank provides support, stability and shock dispersion and will not set off airport detectors

6. Bearpaw Men’s Moc II Slipper

Bearpaw Men’s Moc II Slipper
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Designed for indoors and outdoors, the Bearpaw’s Moc II provides adequate comfort for your feet. Donning a design similar to Moccasin, the Moc II comes in a suede upper with bow laces and a rubber sole that offers exceptional traction.

But what makes the Bearpaw Men’s Moc II iconic is its inner luxury. Enhanced with a soft sheepskin lining that absorbs moisture, it has enough room to prevent cramping of the toes. Your feet will feel relaxed and at home inside the comfort the Moc II provides.

If you’re at home and just feel like pampering your feet, slip them into a pair. It offers warmth on a cold day and coolness on a warm afternoon. Plus, it is a solid choice when you want to keep your feet dry and cool on a long journey. The Moc II will prevent moisture from building in your feet and keep them comfy all day.

The sole is made from hard rubber, offering a firm grip on different kinds of surfaces. It is also skid-resistant. Bearpaw Men’s Moc II Slipper is more than a mere Sanuk alternative; it is a fantastic choice when it comes to comfort and durability.


  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Outer material: Leather/suede
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Comes with suede or plaid textile combination upper
  • Fitted with a full sheepskin footbed lining for foot comfort. Also has lots of room for the toes.
  • Features a hand-stitched vamp with lace


  • Beautifully made, comfortable, soft
  • Simple design, fit for leisure and business


  • Some users find they fall apart quickly
BEARPAW Men's Moc Ii Moccasin
  • Keep moisture out and warmth in with this classic- hard-soled moc-slipper.
  • Upper material is suede and lined with sheepskin
  • Easy to slip on with lace tied bow
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • MOC II

7. Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Loafer Shoes

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Loafer Shoes
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Let’s look at a Sanuk alternative specifically designed for women, and the Wendy Loafer Shoes is your best bet if you want something light. This shoe is beyond light – it is ultra-light!

But its near weightlessness is not the only thing going for the Wendy Loafer Shoes. You don’t have to worry about getting this pair dirty because you can simply toss it into a machine, thanks to its machine washable quality. Also, it makes your feet feel free as you move around leisurely.

Ok, to the more serious stuff. The Wendy Loafer Shoes come with cutting-edge technology to aid your comfort. First, the synthetic outsole is flexible and foldable. This way, the soles would adjust to your feet and not the other way round. You can go anywhere you want, knowing that your shoes will adapt appropriately. No edge is too dangerous for these soles.

Also, it comes with memory foam insoles designed to adjust appropriately to your body’s natural alignment. When you wear them, the memory foam insoles help align your legs so that it feels as barefooted as possible. It also serves as a natural shock absorber for your feet, especially when walking on tough terrains.

However, you should not forget to remove the foam when you want to wash the shoes. These loafers are already light enough, so they are travel-friendly but feel free to fold them if you wish to pack them for later.

The Wendy Loafer Shoes allow your legs to breathe; they are designed so you can walk as though you were barefoot. The upper uses renewable, washable materials. To keep your shoes clean after a daring adventure, you can easily wash them in cold water.


  • Sole material: Synthetic
  • Outer material: Fabric
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Made with Canvas fabric uppers
  • Though has a lace look, it comes with a Slip-on style
  • Fitted with soft inner linings
  • Comes with a memory foam footbed for added comfort and proper alignment
  • Features cutting-edge Flex & Fold Technology, which allows you to fold or flex the shoe without damaging it
  • Has a very light outsole
  • Machine washable in cold water


  • Excellent for work and play
  • Foldable and flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Memory foam footbed that aids stability and proper alignment
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Too big for women with narrow feet

No products found.

8. Sebago Men’s Clovehitch Oxford Loafer

Sebago Men’s Clovehitch Oxford Loafer
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The Sebago Men’s Clovehitch Oxford Loafer remains the number one selling boat shoe from Sebago. Styled with a slip-on style, the shoe has a marine non-slip sipped rubber outsole as well as a removable cushioned insole.

The shoe has a weathered leather upper with enhanced mesh panels for better breathability. It also contains padded linings for added comfort and comes with a slotted collar with eyelets.

This shoe is not just ideal for leisure; it also has a leather touch that makes it suitable for formal or official occasions, especially when worn with corporate attires.

Its rubber soles give you the grip and firmness that any man needs, even on slippery surfaces. The Boat shoe-inspired loafer features stitches and around-the-collar lacing with metallic eyelets.


  • Fabric material: 100% Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Pull-On
  • Contains a removable insole
  • Has grippy non-marking soles


  • Made for work and leisure
  • Has removable insoles
  • Beautifully designed


  • Not lightweight
  • Could be quite difficult to put on sometimes
  • Doesn’t last as long as some other brands
Sebago Men's Clovehitch Slip On Loafer
  • Boat shoe-inspired loafer featuring contrast moc-toe stitching and around-the-collar lacing with metallic eyelets
  • Removable insole
  • Grippy non-marking bottom

Before You Buy That Shoe

Before you make that purchase, you may want to consider one or two things. The idea is to get a shoe that looks like Sanuk but is more affordable. Before parting with your cash, look out for the following features:


Sanuks are quite durable, so be sure to consider the durability of the alternative you are eyeing. Check the materials used to make the shoes and consider how long it lasts before making a purchase.


Some of the unique selling points of the Sanuk are the flat sole, lack of laces, and the ease of wearing and taking off the shoes. If these are what you want in your shoes, then be sure to consider them before making your purchase. Check the breathability as well, especially if you’re going to have your shoes on for a long time.


The main reason you want an alternative to Sanuk is because of the price. The quality may be poor if the alternative is too cheap. If it is too expensive, you may want to go for a Sanuk shoe instead.


Choosing new footwear may require lots of consideration, depending on what your specifications are. If you want comfort and durability, you should find more than one to fit your taste and your pocket!

If you need to buy a good alternative to Sanuk shoes, choose from the options listed above. They are all of great quality in addition to being affordable.

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